Release Notes - XWiki MS Office Integration - Version 1.2 M1 - HTML format


  • [XOFFICE-199] - Changes to font and font size in Word don't show up in the browser
  • [XOFFICE-206] - When clicking "Edit (this) page" from the Wiki Explorer/Ribbon switch to that page
  • [XOFFICE-226] - Images on the xwiki page aren't exported to the word file.
  • [XOFFICE-227] - Images are not uploaded when the page name contains white chareacters
  • [XOFFICE-228] - Null reference on Grammar filter
  • [XOFFICE-229] - Refreshing the active document after a publishing throws an ArgumetException
  • [XOFFICE-231] - PIAs are not installed on client machines

New Feature

  • [XOFFICE-230] - Display annotations while editing pages
  • [XOFFICE-232] - Update annotations when saving a page
  • [XOFFICE-234] - Toggle annotation display from the "Active Document" UI group


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