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Upgrade to Selenium 2.17 and Selenium Maven Plugin 2.2


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 3.3
    • Fix Version/s: 3.4-rc-1
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      Since 2.14.0 (see http://code.google.com/p/selenium/source/browse/trunk/java/CHANGELOG):

      v 2.17.0
        * Removed deprecated methods
        * FIXED: 3152: iWebDriver will auto-play HTML5 video
        * Fixed issue with permissions on windows caused by wrapping
        * FIXED: 3154, 3144: Issues launching Firefox 9 due to modal dialog
        * Adding warning to android apk when used with an incompatible android version (issue 3142)
        * FIXED: 3167: Sending empty keys to a text field no longer throws
        * FIXED: 3173: Using ChromeOptions no longer causes stack exhaustion
        * FIXED: 3169: getAttribute("value") falls back to the text of option tags, if no value attribute is specified
        * Updated operadriver to version 0.9
        * NOTE: We have removed our dependency on the operadriver from our pom, because it creates a circular dependency.
          To use the operadriver, add the following dependency to your own pom.xml file:
        * Bumped firefox support up to Firefox 12
        * FIXED: 3161: Thread safety issues
      Known issues:
        * Some issues around scrolling (3075, 3045, 3034)
        * FIXED: 3148: Allow IE to be launched.
        * Native events enabled for Firefox 9
        * The FirefoxDriver now enables apps to use offline storage by default.
        * ChromeDriver allows setting the chrome driver's environment more easily.
        * RemoteWebElement implementations now guarantee that the ID used to
          identify them. This allows "hashCode" and "equals" to be local operations
          in Java.
        * The PageFactory will now no longer decorate List<WebElement> fields unless
          annotated with a @FindBy.
        * By default, clicks will now be in the middle of elements.  
        * RemoteWebDriver will use uncacheable GET requests to communicate with the
          remote webdriver server.
        * HtmlUnitDriver defaults to emulating Firefox 3.6.
        * FIXED: 2985: Calling quit() on the IE Driver in a shutdown hook will no
          longer kill the JVM.
        * FIXED: 2893: You can now pass a Map to executeScript when using Firefox.
        * FIXED: 1395, 2747, 2869, 2431: Upgraded version of CocoaHTTPServer to the
          latest and greatest.
        * Test failures are now annotated with the task history.
        * JSONP support dropped in favour of CORS. For those browsers where CORS is
          not fully implemented, added a "/xdrpc" (cross-domain rpc) end-point.
        * Change the promise.Application event loop to run at a set interval
          instead of trying to explicitly trigger it at the appropriate times. This
          makes debugging much simpler. 
        * WebDriverJS hub front-end now renders correctly in IE.
        * It's now a beautiful butterfly.
        * IE HTA mode will now close the final window.
        * All windows are now opened as "resizable". This means that they should
          always open in new windows rather than tabs in IE.
        * *chrome mode can type into file input elements on Firefox 8+
        * WebDriverCommandProcessor has all constructors depending on the
          (deprecated) SuppliesWebDriver class marked as deprecated. Will be deleted
          in the next release.
      Automation Atoms: 
        * Bug fixes and updates
        * Included a touchscreen abstraction
        * Code donation from Google.
        * Now supports up to and including Firefox 11.
        * Changed order of FirefoxProfile initialization attempts on a
          remote host: 1) try to load from capabilities, 2) try to load
          locally if webdriver.firefox.profile is specified, 3) create an
          empty profile.
        * Added the beginning of infrastructure for gathering logs from
          webdriver tests.
        * Added an UnreachableBrowserException.
        * Additional work on the WebDriver JS console.
        * Implicit waits now change how long we wait for alerts. This
          functionality will change in 2.16
        * FIXED: 2700: The infamous scrolling issue.
        * FIXED: 2816: ClassCastException when calling switchTo().alert().
        * Grid now distinguishs between CLIENT_GONE and
        * FIXED: issue where older RCs could not connect to a newer hub.
        * Selenium-backed WebDriver now uses atoms for typing.
      Automation Atoms:
        * Significantly reworked input device abstractions.
      Known Issues:
        * HTA mode for Selenium RC (*iexplore) leaves a browser window open.




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