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Replaying two XAR ExtensionJobHistoryRecord entries won't perform correctly the second one


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
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    • Affects Version/s: 11.5
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    • Component/s: Extension
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      Steps to reproduce

      • Create a subwiki.
      • On this wiki, from the extension manager, install the blog and the xpoll non-pro extensions.
      • From the extension manager history section, export the two installation jobs in a file.
      • Uninstall these two extensions via the extension manager. At the step related to the removal of unused extension's pages, select all pages and proceed.
      • From the extension manager history section, import the file that you just exported.
      • Replay the installation of these two extensions together (by selecting the two checkboxes), keeping the current subwiki in the target namespaces.
      • The replay log mentions that the two extensions get installed successfully (see the log below).

      Expected result

      The two extensions xpoll and blog can be used from the subwiki. In particular, the page XPoll.WebHome exists in the target subwiki.

      Actual result

      • Space XPoll is empty. However, the extension manager shows the xpoll extension as installed.
      • The blog extension is installed and works as expected.

      The issue is also raised with a replay consisting of one uninstallation and one installation, for example: install xpoll non-pro on a subwiki, then replay the following: uninstallation of xpoll non-pro and installation of xpoll-pro (after having installed the license manager at the farm level). As in the previous example, the uninstallation is performed as expected, however the installation, while marked as done, is not performed.



      A workaround consists in running the replay on only one extension at once. Note that a job comprising multiple ExtensionJobHistoryRecord entries of type "uninstall" seems to work as expected.


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