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      In the last few weeks I built a new Syntax Guide following the third suggestion of Ecaterina Valica (see: ). This one is based on the new 3.0 Admin app that has been created by... Sergiu, IIRC.

      You will find the Guide I built in the attached .xar file. I would just like to point a couple of things about the code.

      • Every section displayed in the guide is placed on a single document that should ideally be named something like XWikiSyntaxNewSection
      • Every section page should have the following outline:
        1. Level 1 heading: Holds the name of the category in which the section is displayed (will be retrieved from first section to be added to a category)
        2. Level 2 heading: Holds the name of the section
        3. Level 5 headings: One heading/section for each version of the syntax information to be displayed. Heading must be the appropriate version number (e.g. "===== 2.0 =====")
      • The XWikiSyntaxClass holds the following information and has to be attached to every section page:
        • category: The 0-based number of the category in which the section should be displayed.
        • section: The 0-based number at which the section should be displayed within the category.
        • minSyntaxVersion: The first syntax version for which syntax information is available (if the selected version is smaller than this value the section will be hidden)
        • maxSyntaxVersion: The last syntax version for which syntax information is available (if the selected version is greater than this value the last available version will be displayed)
      • In order to display the version numbering according to the current selection despite actually displaying section of previous version (see maxSyntaxVersion) the version number should be replaced as follows:
      2.0 -> {{velocity}}$crtSyntaxVer{{/velocity}}

      While content and section/category names can be translated by just translating the syntax pages the following three ApplicationRessources will have to be added:

      xe.syntax.syntaxpage.title=XWiki Syntax Guide
      xe.syntax.syntaxtitle=XWiki Syntax {0}

      See the attached xar package for the sources to the entire guide. Content-wise it is roughly what has been in the latest revision of the "old" Syntax Guide.


        1. leftover.png
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          Ecaterina Moraru (Valica)
        2. XWiki.XWikiSyntax.xar
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          Johannes Stoldt

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