Release Notes - XWiki Platform - Version 3.3-rc-1 - HTML format


  • [XWIKI-7028] - Strange behaviour when pressing back and forward on a page that has 2 WYSIWYG editors displayed
  • [XWIKI-7175] - Core extension type not properly resolved when it's a Maven variable
  • [XWIKI-7181] - Core extension pagination does not work
  • [XWIKI-7182] - Impossible to set default id prefix in XR
  • [XWIKI-7183] - The Extension download button is not properly displayed from time to time
  • [XWIKI-7185] - Standard installation not displayed anymore
  • [XWIKI-7187] - Unable to install Workspaces due to broken template link
  • [XWIKI-7189] - URLs created by mailsender plugin called from a scheduler script can have a wrong context path
  • [XWIKI-7198] - Null extension author displayed for some core extensions
  • [XWIKI-7199] - Broken dependency links displayed for some core extension dependencies
  • [XWIKI-7207] - Missing translations in Application Manager WebHome in a subwiki created from a template
  • [XWIKI-7209] - Stacktrace when inviting a user to join a Workspace
  • [XWIKI-7211] - Infinispan cache implementation does not return the right evicted node in the CacheEntryListener
  • [XWIKI-7212] - Search does not work in extension manager
  • [XWIKI-7214] - Several wrong or inverted fields when searching on a XWiki Repository
  • [XWIKI-7217] - Small UI alignment when joining workspace
  • [XWIKI-7219] - XWiki Repository REST service does not support explicit download reference
  • [XWIKI-7222] - XEM Manager Install page must check explicitly for the default template name
  • [XWIKI-7224] - XWikiPreferences in view mode does no not redirect to admin mode
  • [XWIKI-7225] - Searhing for extensions in an XWiki Extension Repository always returns all extensions, ignoring the query string
  • [XWIKI-7226] - XR search does not return license inforrmation
  • [XWIKI-7228] - Fail to download extension file from XR when provided as URL
  • [XWIKI-7229] - Possible nullpointerexception in XR version updater
  • [XWIKI-7230] - Possible nullpointer exception when resolving extension dependencies
  • [XWIKI-7231] - XR does not return the dependencies of an extension when resolving it
  • [XWIKI-7235] - An extension is not removed from backward dependencies when uninstalled
  • [XWIKI-7236] - Namespace inheritance broken in DefaultLocalExtensionRepository#getInstalledExtension*
  • [XWIKI-7237] - mailto is not stripped when editing a link to an e-mail address
  • [XWIKI-7238] - Default local repository should throw an exception when trying to install an already installed extension
  • [XWIKI-7239] - Infinite loop in XWikiAttachment.getVersionList() consumes all available memory when called.
  • [XWIKI-7241] - Uninstall job does not produce an error when trying to uninstall an extension from a namespace where it's not installed
  • [XWIKI-7244] - ConcurrentModificationException when uninstalling from all namespaces at once an extension
  • [XWIKI-7245] - Wiki syntax is interpreted in summary

New Feature

  • [XWIKI-7190] - Create the AppWithinMinutes wizard
  • [XWIKI-7213] - Add as default Extension Manager repository


  • [XWIKI-7191] - Enhance the behavior of the extension manager when JavaScript is enabled
  • [XWIKI-7193] - Avoid injecting RenderingCache and DocumentDisplayer in all instance of XWikiDocuments
  • [XWIKI-7195] - Generalize the initialization of extension at application startup for all type of extension
  • [XWIKI-7200] - New JobStartedEvent and JobFinishedEvent events
  • [XWIKI-7201] - Properly unload jar extension on uninstallation without restarting
  • [XWIKI-7205] - Make xwiki.virtual.usepath configurable with maven.
  • [XWIKI-7215] - Display the livetable loading icon earlier when filtering
  • [XWIKI-7216] - Improve extension search API result for easier pagination and streamed results
  • [XWIKI-7221] - Improve extension validation check in XWiki Repository
  • [XWIKI-7223] - Remove the Application Manager application and gadget from workspace-template-features
  • [XWIKI-7233] - Return extension page URL as website when none is provided in XR resolve
  • [XWIKI-7234] - Improve EM validation message in XR
  • [XWIKI-7242] - Allow starting/restarting the IRC Bot automatically if not started

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