Release Notes - XWiki Platform - Version 1.3 RC1 - HTML format


  • [XWIKI-1551] - Rights protection bypass in some plugins
  • [XWIKI-1649] - 'delete' right is totally messed up
  • [XWIKI-1750] - Edit locking and unlocking might halt page loading
  • [XWIKI-2017] - NullPointer in addAttachments in Document
  • [XWIKI-2062] - Aggregating an integer field using sum returns long
  • [XWIKI-2091] - Malformed URLs should not throw exceptions, but report an error
  • [XWIKI-2134] - Cannot rollback a document to its first revision
  • [XWIKI-2135] - JS exceptions when switching to a content editor
  • [XWIKI-2136] - PluginAPI#getPlugin should always require programming rights, and provide an getInternalPlugin methods for in-java usage
  • [XWIKI-2138] - LDAP does not always tries to log as XWiki when LDAP fail
  • [XWIKI-2139] - Can't log in LDAP with user id containing space
  • [XWIKI-2140] - bind_DN and bind_pass are not correctly converted using MessageFormat
  • [XWIKI-2144] - Can't search in another wiki without programming rights
  • [XWIKI-2150] - Error when importing a document containing a class definition and objects of that class
  • [XWIKI-2152] - XWikiServlerResponse#addCookie does not work on recent versions of Tomcat
  • [XWIKI-2154] - XWiki syntax links specifying a target generate non XHTML syntax
  • [XWIKI-2156] - For a new document, doc.database is set to null

New Feature

  • [XWIKI-1604] - Generalized Ajax Suggest Feature
  • [XWIKI-2106] - Ability to force a default language
  • [XWIKI-2125] - It should be possible to enable/disable the watchlist feature by wiki


  • [XWIKI-1745] - Replace license headers in source files and ensure that all released artifacts include License+Notice files
  • [XWIKI-2137] - Make "install" the default maven goal


  • [XWIKI-1274] - Add auto-suggest feature for tags
  • [XWIKI-1655] - login action should clean all the cookies
  • [XWIKI-1748] - Deleting a non-existing xobject should display a warning, not a stack trace
  • [XWIKI-1751] - Display a warning message instead of stack trace when no classid parameter was sent in a ObjectRemove action
  • [XWIKI-1865] - Rename badly named methods in WatchList plugin
  • [XWIKI-2129] - Language Spanish Updated
  • [XWIKI-2131] - Set document titles for fetched feed articles
  • [XWIKI-2132] - Allow files to bet located in a META-INF/ directory and don't import them
  • [XWIKI-2133] - Add "ldap_dn" field to XWikiUsers class
  • [XWIKI-2141] - Autotag plugin - Add a filter for common english words
  • [XWIKI-2151] - The link "manage your watchlist" in menuview doesn't work anymore

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