Release Notes - {RETIRED} XWiki Enterprise - Version 1.1 M4 - HTML format


  • [XE-90] - When a blog is created using the Create Panel, its parent isn't set correctly to the Blog.WebHome space

New Feature

  • [XE-78] - Add RSS Feeds page to list all feeds available on the wiki


  • [XE-30] - If it says Valid XHTML, then it MUST be valid XHTML.
  • [XE-76] - Generate an Installer for XWiki Enterprise
  • [XE-80] - Remove Knowledge Base space
  • [XE-81] - Remove Admin space and move the few pages it has into the XWiki space


  • [XE-48] - Add new Lucene Search page for searching with Lucene
  • [XE-77] - Improve navigation by adding the Quick Links Panel + My Recent Modifications Panel to the side menu
  • [XE-79] - Remove the Navigation Panel from the default menu
  • [XE-82] - Move Orphaned Pages inside the AllDocs page as a new tab
  • [XE-83] - Improve the tag page and fix the Tag RSS feeds
  • [XE-84] - Use large RSS icons on the Dashboard page
  • [XE-85] - Ensure that the Jetty logs directory always exist
  • [XE-86] - The search should also search on page names
  • [XE-87] - Simplify the Home Page by removing the Dashboard and improve the links
  • [XE-88] - On the dashboard page, restrict to 5 blog entries and 30 modified documents

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