Release Notes - XWiki Platform - Version 1.0 B5 - HTML format


  • [XWIKI-218] - When browsing months in "Event Calendar", I can't browse back to the current month.
  • [XWIKI-457] - Instantiating random classes in Velocity should not be allowed
  • [XWIKI-515] - WYSIWYG Editor handling of Titles
  • [XWIKI-821] - XWikiBaseHibernateStore connection map not emptied correctly with hibernate 3.1.2
  • [XWIKI-822] - Links to pages with accents are incorrectly formed
  • [XWIKI-873] - A Page created via an attachment gets no creator
  • [XWIKI-882] - When first document save is an attachment creator is not set properly
  • [XWIKI-886] - Import fails if the application is not deployed as /xwiki/
  • [XWIKI-887] - Forcing skin files to be parsed does not work when the file is in the default base skin
  • [XWIKI-896] - XWiki doesn't work when logged under a username with a space in the name
  • [XWIKI-919] - XWikiMessageTool does not support non-latin1 characters in the resource documents

New Feature

  • [XWIKI-405] - Add support of well-known Microformats (hCalendar, hCard, hReview, etc) to XWiki pages
  • [XWIKI-885] - Execute velocity code in css and javascript files


  • [XWIKI-371] - Store the panel state (expanded/collapsed) for each user
  • [XWIKI-386] - Replace tables with dl-s for form layout
  • [XWIKI-859] - Allow to specify parameters to the internationalisation/bundle system
  • [XWIKI-884] - Upgrade to Velocity 1.5 Beta 2
  • [XWIKI-897] - Generate a debug version of XWiki Core JAR
  • [XWIKI-923] - Upgrade to Velocity Tools 1.3


  • [XWIKI-630] - Document the release process
  • [XWIKI-733] - Implement hCard for user page
  • [XWIKI-734] - implement hCalendar for Event Calendar
  • [XWIKI-933] - Implement rename backend for renaming all backlinks
  • [XWIKI-2225] - Resolve several small style issues for the charting wizard
  • [XWIKI-2226] - Make sure that all options we have in the charting wizard also work

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