Release Notes - {RETIRED} XWiki Workspaces - Version 1.1 RC1 - Text format


  • [XWS-119] - Bad workflow when creating the organization workspace
  • [XWS-121] - Inputs of type button do not have the same hover style as "button links" do
  • [XWS-124] - Impossible to manually save a workspace WebPreferences from the object editor
  • [XWS-125] - missing "hand cursor" on sidebar buttons on IE6
  • [XWS-126] - When expanding a page comments are on IE6, the top action bar gets truncated
  • [XWS-127] - Client side validation on workspace creation form does not work under IE6
  • [XWS-128] - Style issue on "Manage spaces" UI under IE6
  • [XWS-129] - Misplaced arrows on the global groups management UI under IE6
  • [XWS-130] - When browsing through the user directory with IE6, profile pictures have a bad size
  • [XWS-133] - Impossible to register on IE6
  • [XWS-134] - Lot of stacktraces using the installer versions
  • [XWS-136] - User name filters do not work under IE6/7 in user administration

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