Release Notes - {RETIRED} XWiki Colibri Skin - Version 1.1 - HTML format


  • [XSCOLIBRI-2] - Different padding for table headers and normal cells
  • [XSCOLIBRI-3] - The look of the "watch" menu entry does not reflect the current state (watched/unwatched)
  • [XSCOLIBRI-4] - Section editing icon is not visible
  • [XSCOLIBRI-5] - Missing icons for several elements
  • [XSCOLIBRI-7] - Edit panels use wrong theme colors
  • [XSCOLIBRI-11] - "Quick Links" are not aligned with "My Recent Modifications"
  • [XSCOLIBRI-13] - Edit Actions in IE7 are not displayed properly
  • [XSCOLIBRI-16] - Bad display for "Administration" -> "Users" in IE6
  • [XSCOLIBRI-21] - Green Background for "Blog" text in " Administrator" in IE6
  • [XSCOLIBRI-23] - Flaw with the top-right corner of the wiki editor in IE7
  • [XSCOLIBRI-24] - Login screen messed up on IE7
  • [XSCOLIBRI-25] - The background of message boxes goes under floating boxes
  • [XSCOLIBRI-26] - Slow scrolling, actionmenu flashes and bounces around when scrolling, Linux w/ Firefox3
  • [XSCOLIBRI-27] - Fix style when code macro is used inline
  • [XSCOLIBRI-30] - XWiki Syntax Print does not have a vertical scrollbar in IE6 & IE7
  • [XSCOLIBRI-32] - Unneeded horizontal scroll bar in edit mode
  • [XSCOLIBRI-33] - Wrong display for floating boxes in IE6
  • [XSCOLIBRI-34] - Adding a tag is not displayed correctly in IE6
  • [XSCOLIBRI-43] - Additional space on #contentcontainer
  • [XSCOLIBRI-51] - Fix Panel text color
  • [XSCOLIBRI-52] - Only the first page is printed from the print preview mode
  • [XSCOLIBRI-55] - No black margins when you hover over the Objects Tags Box & no highlight over "TagClass 0:" in IE6
  • [XSCOLIBRI-59] - "Editing History" look inconsistency in IE6
  • [XSCOLIBRI-61] - In Edit mode clicking on the History link in the History page takes you to the WYSIWYG editor
  • [XSCOLIBRI-65] - ColorThemes - headerBackgroundImage not working
  • [XSCOLIBRI-68] - Duplicate titles on some pages
  • [XSCOLIBRI-69] - Cannot cancel a rename
  • [XSCOLIBRI-70] - Incorrect colors for the top menu in edit mode
  • [XSCOLIBRI-80] - Duplicate "value" attribute for the search submit button
  • [XSCOLIBRI-82] - After you click "Edit this panel" in "Quick Links" panels are displayed at the bottom of the page in IE6
  • [XSCOLIBRI-83] - Floated elements outside #xwikicontent area

New Feature


  • [XSCOLIBRI-67] - The "Rights editor help" panel from the rights editor is deprecated and should be removed
  • [XSCOLIBRI-96] - Enable the whatever:hover behavior in all IE versions


  • [XSCOLIBRI-6] - Textareas and select boxes should use the theme colors
  • [XSCOLIBRI-28] - Login fields not the same size in IE6 & FF3.5.2
  • [XSCOLIBRI-31] - The "Copy" button in "Actions" -> "Copy" not consistent with the site look
  • [XSCOLIBRI-37] - Reseting colors and alignment for .xwikimessage boxes
  • [XSCOLIBRI-39] - Padding elements in "Create New" Panel
  • [XSCOLIBRI-41] - xwikidata additional bottom space
  • [XSCOLIBRI-42] - xdocFooter additional top space
  • [XSCOLIBRI-45] - Panel headers should have the same look in Edit/View Mode
  • [XSCOLIBRI-46] - Cleaning print elements from colibri.css
  • [XSCOLIBRI-47] - Remove unclosed selector
  • [XSCOLIBRI-81] - Apply color theme to viewer=changes
  • [XSCOLIBRI-90] - "Information" Tab - text in IE6 is in Italics
  • [XSCOLIBRI-91] - Inconsistencies in the menus
  • [XSCOLIBRI-92] - Make space above "Tags [+]" smaller

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