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    • Component/s: Markdown 1.2
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      Currently we're on: 0.34.2

      See changes on

      Change: revert docx4j to 3.3.4 in docx4j-3 branch
      Fix: intermittent NPE when including macro with table in table
      Fix: intermittent NPE when including macro with table in table in docx4j-3 branch
      Add: HtmlRenderer.NO_P_TAGS_USE_BR, default false. When enabled instead of wrapping loose paragraphs in <p> tag adds 2 x <br /> after paragraph.
      Fix: extension auto links would not be processed if paragraph had inline parser processed auto links before.
      Change: revert docx4j to 3.3.6 in docx4j-3 branch
      Add: Macros extension handling to docx converter. Macros allow nesting of block elements inside tables.
      Add: flexmark-ext-macros extension to allow macro definition and inclusion in inline contexts. Extensions: Macros
      Fix: Link.setTextChars(BasedSequence) was trimming the string before setting Link.text. Now the full untrimmed text is used.
      Fix: #271, Regression? Comments are presereved in 0.26.4 but removed in 0.34.40
      Fix: formatter HTML comments in non-translating mode did not output comment markers
      Fix: treat protocol prefix at the end of line as a valid link.
      Add: url parsing to AutoLink to set other link parts of the node like: pageref, anchor marker and anchor
      Fix: add HtmlRenderer.HEADER_ID_GENERATOR_NON_ASCII_TO_LOWERCASE, default true. When set to false changes the default header id generator to not convert non-ascii alphabetic characters to lowercase. Needed for GitHub id compatibility.
      Fix: add HtmlRenderer.HEADER_ID_GENERATOR_NON_ASCII_TO_LOWERCASE set to false to GitHub and GitHubDoc parser profiles.
      Fix: docx conversion of hyperlinks did not take relationship part into account when optimizing rel references causing invalid rel ids to be used if the same link was included in multiple contexts.
      Fix: docx conversion of footnote refs in tables to footnotes which contained links generated invalid docx.
      Change: docx4j library version to 6.0.1
      Fix: change anonymous classes to static classes in CoreNodeDocxRenderer
      Add: test case for Parser.SPACE_IN_LINK_URLS to validate allowing spaces in URLs
      Fix: Docx Converter to use style names instead of style ids because Word localizes ids and leaves the names common to all locales. Completely opposite to intuition but that is Word.
      Fix: Docx Converter remove hardcoded "CENTER" alignment for table headings overriding the Table Heading style provided alignment.
      Fix: #268, Pipe characters are not escaped in Table (FlexmarkHtmlParser)
      Fix: escape pipe characters in text (to avoid accidental use as table or other markup) when not inline code nor fenced code
      Fix: escape back ticks when inside code
      Fix: disable escaping of [] when inside code
      Fix: disable escaping of \ when inside code
      Fix: replace non-break space with space when inside code
      Fix: FlexmarkHtmlParser.BR_AS_EXTRA_BLANK_LINES now adds <br /> followed by blank line
      Add: GitLab extension handling to docx converter. For now math and mermaid blocks are not converted.
      Add: GitLab extension formatter to properly handle block quote formatting
      Add: ParagraphContainer interface to allow container nodes to control how their paragraphs are output for formatting/rendering with respect to blank line before/after control.
      Fix: GitLab block quote parser bug for terminating sequence.
      Add: html parser options to specify how to generate some markdown formatting elements, default for all is ExtensionConversion.MARKDOWN:
      EXT_INLINE_STRONG - strong
      EXT_INLINE_EMPHASIS - emphasis
      EXT_INLINE_CODE - code
      EXT_INLINE_DEL - del
      EXT_INLINE_INS - ins
      EXT_INLINE_SUB - sub
      EXT_INLINE_SUP - sup
      Available settings:
      ExtensionConversion.MARKDOWN - convert to markdown
      ExtensionConversion.TEXT - convert to inner text
      ExtensionConversion.HTML - leave HTML as is
      Corresponding SKIP_ options have been deprecated since their function is duplicated by new options.
      Fix: Add DoNotLinkDecorate to Code for preventing AutoLink extension from decorating inline code with autolinks.
      Fix: BasedSequenceImpl.lastIndexOfAny(CharSequence) and BasedSequenceImpl.lastIndexOfAnyNot(CharSequence) were using indexOf... instead of lastIndexOf...
      Fix: BasedSequenceImpl.countCharsReversed(char, int, int) and BasedSequenceImpl.countNotCharsReversed(char, int, int) to not return -1, should return 0
      Fix: BasedSequenceImpl.spliceAtEnd() not to fail if this or other is empty
      Add: GitLabExtension, Documented in Gitlab Flavoured Markdown Extensions
      Add: OSGi module support thanks to @klcodanr
      Add: renderer type equivalences for allowing new renderer types which override existing ones. Now "YOUTRACK" is defined as an override of "JIRA" by YouTrackConverterExtension
      use HtmlRenderer.Builder.isRendererType(String) to test for recognizing renderer type instead of rendererType.equals("...") make sure renderer type checking is done with most specific one, otherwise the wrong match will occur. For example, test for "YOUTRACK" before "JIRA" because "JIRA" matches "YOUTRACK".
      HtmlRenderer.isCompatibleRendererType(MutableDataHolder, String)
      HtmlRenderer.isCompatibleRendererType(MutableDataHolder, String, String)
      HtmlRenderer.addRenderTypeEquivalence(MutableDataHolder, String, String) add new to old renderer type mapping.
      Add: html parser options to suppress generating some markdown formatting elements, default for all is false:
      SKIP_INLINE_STRONG - strong
      SKIP_INLINE_EMPHASIS - emphasis
      SKIP_INLINE_CODE - code
      SKIP_INLINE_DEL - del
      SKIP_INLINE_INS - ins
      SKIP_INLINE_SUB - sub
      SKIP_INLINE_SUP - sup
      SKIP_HEADING_1 - heading 1
      SKIP_HEADING_2 - heading 2
      SKIP_HEADING_3 - heading 3
      SKIP_HEADING_4 - heading 4
      SKIP_HEADING_5 - heading 5
      SKIP_HEADING_6 - heading 6
      SKIP_ATTRIBUTES - attribute extension formatting
      Add: html parser option ADD_TRAILING_EOL, default false. Will add trailing EOL to generated markdown text.
      Fix: html parser did not add a blank line before first list item of the first list
      Fix: #254, customized HTML_BLOCK_TAGS Parser option seems not taken into account
      Fix: #252, GfmUser and GfmIssue are not recognized if immediately followed by non-space character, change regex to allow word break after user and issue
      Fix: merge #249, support Jira links titles thanks to @qwazer
      Fix: #247, Admonition Expression may lack a part of the text.
      Add: TocExtension.TOC_CONTENT, TocExtension.TOC_LIST, SimTocExtension.TOC_CONTENT, SimTocExtension.TOC_LIST attributable parts for div and ul/ol HTML tags. Documented in Table-of-Contents-Extension
      Fix: TOC element to use TITLE option if one is defined. Default for TOC is "", for sim TOC it is "Table of Contents"
      Fix: #248, Request to add CSS class of TOC
      Add: TocExtension.DIV_CLASS default "", class attribute to use on table of content div wrapper, duplicated as SimTocExtension.DIV_CLASS
      Add: TocExtension.LIST_CLASS default "", class attribute to use on table of content ul or ol element, duplicated as SimTocExtension.LIST_CLASS
      Fix: #220, Jekyll Tag "include"
      Fix: #245, Markdown output of multiple Definition Lists has a problem that list items merge. Blank lines were removed if Parser.BLANK_LINES_IN_AST is false
      Fix: #243, Markdown output of ImageRef syntax referencing ID is incorrect
      Fix: #244, Duplicate footnotes have the problem of HTML ID collision conflict. Now each footnote reference adds a back references and the id of the back reference has -# suffix added except for the first back-reference, where # is an integer from 1..N
      Add: media tags extension thanks to Cornelia Schultz (GitHub @CorneliaXaos)
      Change: convert class methods to static when possible
      Fix: #239, flexmark-ext-youtube-embedded missing test case for @ usage.
      Fix: add ability to escape @ for youtube links.




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