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Upgrade to Checkstyle 7.4



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      See http://checkstyle.sourceforge.net/releasenotes.html#Release_7.3 (since 7.1.2)

      Release 7.4
          Support LITERAL_SYNCHRONIZED token for NoWhitespaceAfter Rule. Author: rnveach #2803
          google_checks.xml : NO space is allowed method method name and its arguments. Author: rnveach #2809
          Support more tokens in WhitespaceAfter check. Author: MaksimP #3333
          Checker: option to allow printing exception as violation and continue execution. Author: rnveach #3611
          ImportControl: allow to load files from resources. Author: Jochen Van de Velde #3450
      Bug fixes:
          NullPointerException when using NeedBraces with tokens LITERAL_CASE, LITERAL_DEFAULT. Author: liscju #3655
          CustomImportOrder should check that import groups are separated by one line only. Author: kazachka #3551
          RightCurly was misconfigured in google_checks.xml for do-while blocks. Author: Roman Ivanov #3678
          keep a map of Check name and it package in source to avoid brute force load by PackageObjectFactory from all packages. Author: Vladislav Lisetskii #3184
          Duplicated Checks in google_checks.xml config should have "id". Author: Roman Ivanov #3662
          skip unnecessary exception 'Severity not set, ignoring exception'. Author: Roman Ivanov #3657
          EmptyLineSeparator causing violation in `package-info.java`. Author: kazachka #3426
          FinalLocalVariable should not to check multi-catch variables. Author: liscju #3617
          ImportOrder: Check that import groups aren't separated internally. Author: linelect #2143
          update documentation about getAcceptableTokens for javadoc Checks. Author: Roman Ivanov #3672
          update documentation for VariableDeclarationUsageDistance with allowedDistance = 0. Author: Roman Ivanov #3665
          Module term and usage is confusing in test area. Author: rnveach #3667
          Using the SPDX identifier for the license name. Author: Robert Reiz #3653
          XDoc: extend validation to Checker and TreeWalker. Author: rnveach #3622
          travis: use standalone shell files . Author: Roman Ivanov #3632
          CustomImportControl bad document examples that could lead to false positive on 'special group'. Author: Roman Ivanov #3590
          Add new Sevntu checks and create UT for missing checks. Author: Roman Ivanov #3628
          repo files should not have execute permissions. Author: MaksimP #3600
          use shippable CI in testing. Author: Oleg Efremenkov #3316
          100% UT coverage for ParseTreeTablePModel.java. Author: Saideep, Roman Ivanov #3606
          Set Load external DTD feature to be enabled. Author: Aurimas Liutikas #3605
          Modules and XDocs: change setter methods to recieve similar types with field type for easier xdoc validation (more 2). Author: rnveach #3575
          ImportControl: Deprecate 'url' property in favor of the 'file' property. Author: Jochen Van de Velde #3584
          Unexpected loss of coverage for PropertyCacheFile.java. Author: Roman Ivanov #3594
          Update ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md. Author: Roman Ivanov
          refactoring to ImportControlCheck . Author: kazachka #3498
          ThreadLocal usage in single threaded checkstyle. Author: Vladislav Lisetskii #2992
          Detect final methods in Enumeration for RedundantModifier. Author: rnveach #2068
      Release 7.3
      Breaking backward compatibility:
          Javadoc grammar: Delete child nodes in Javadoc TEXT node. Author: rnveach #3170
          Update Google style coverage to state of 12 July 2016. Author: alberto.cuda #3381
          Modules and XDocs: changed setter methods to recieve similar types with field type for easier xdoc validation . Author: rnveach #3255
          CLI: Cannot override default Checker. Author: rnveach #3515
          ParameterNameCheck: new scope and excludeScope properties . Author: alberto.cuda #3473
          google_checks.xml CustomImportOrder problem. Author: Andrei Selkin #941
      Bug fixes:
          GUI: Add support of DetailNode objects in CodeSelector. Author: kazachka #3432
          GUI: Inconsistency in AST structure for block-comments. Author: kazachka #3445
          Checker Cache not saving files that have suppressed violations. Author: rnveach #3488
          ImportOrder: checkstyle_checks.xml does not have separate "java" group. Author: linelect #3577
          doc: fix broken link to file filters page. Author: Ken Geis
          use ForbidAnnotationElementValueCheck from sevntu.checkstyle. Author: rnveach #3567
          Turn on Config Cache File Locally for Developers. Author: rnveach #3487
          document isCommentNodesRequired method in xdoc. Author: Roman Ivanov #3561
          Checkstyle tests should not require internet. Author: rnveach #3536
          doc: note was placed to TranslationCheck that it has problems with Checker cache. Author: Roman Ivanov
      Release 7.2
          DesignForExtension: consider overridable methods and javadoc. Author: Andrei Selkin #3102
          ImportControl: allow regex in subpackage elements.. Author: Volker Boerchers #2999
          Allow WhitespaceAround for ARRAY_INIT token. Author: zenigata #3202
      Bug fixes:
          Inconsistency in AST tructure for block-comments. Author: kazachka #3431
          Checker Cache invalidated falsely on load in second run due to external resources. Author: rnveach #3489
          Wrong warning from AvoidEscapedUnicodeCharacters. Author: Dzmitry Rusak #3476
          Add METHOD_REF to the list of valid tokens for OperatorCheck. Author: alberto.cuda #3472
          DetailAST should invalidate childCount cache. Author: rnveach #3486
          DetailAST should invalidate its methods cache (aka lazy-load). Author: Andrei Selkin #3466
          Rename PkgControl to ImportControl. Author: Jochen Van de Velde #3514
          split Guard class into two. Author: Jochen Van de Velde #3497
          openjdk8/9 test code should be parseable by checkstyle . Author: Roman Ivanov #3033
          use shippable CI in testing. Author: Roman Ivanov #3316




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