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    • Affects Version/s: 8.4.3
    • Fix Version/s: 9.0-rc-1
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      See (since 5.0.4).

      23 December 2016: ASM 5.2 (svn-tag: ASM_5_2)
          Better comments in
          SuppressWarnings in for Integer constructor deprecation.
          More tests to check binary backward compatibility
          bug fixes
              317616: Misleading comment in ClassWriter
              317621: Type.getReturnType(desc) returns wrong for types with parenthesis in name
              317749: ClassCheckAdapter should discover invocation of default method from pre-Java 8 class file
              317626: AnnotationNode incorrectly process array values in 'visit(final String name, final Object value)' method
              317630: Frames are re-calculated for Large Methods
              317748: Class after instrumenting loses first BootstrapMethods entry
      5 March 2016: ASM 5.1 (svn-tag: ASM_5_1)
          Remapping...Adapter classes are now deprecated, replaced with ...Remapper classes.
          Add support for method reference on an interface.
          bug fixes
              317567: SerialVersionUIDAdder issues.
              317578: incorrect max code size check in MethodWriter getSize().
              317579: Signature Process in SignatureRemapper is Broken.
              317581: Import-Package headers should denote version by setting the version attribute.
              317586: VerifyError caused by LocalVariablesSorter.
              317602: Asmifier does not recognize null value for TypePath.
              317604: Bug in AdviceAdapter.visitFieldInsn().
              317607: Calling add or set on an InsnListIterator throws NPE when at end of list.
              317606: Frequent use of StringBuffer instead of StringBuilder is hurting performance.


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