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Upgrade to Groovy 2.4.13



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      See http://groovy-lang.org/changelogs/changelog-2.4.13.html

      Changelog for Groovy 2.4.13
          [GROOVY-7315] - CompileStatic/TypeChecked cannot create non-static nested inner class using named-arg short-hand syntax
          [GROOVY-7721] - Static type checking fails when compiling against a Java8 interface with inherited methods
          [GROOVY-7995] - Short syntax of closure call invokes wrong closure if wrapped in another closure and @CompileStatic is applied
          [GROOVY-8042] - groovyConsole gets confused with a slashy string with an escaped forward slash
          [GROOVY-8112] - NPE in Groovy compiler when referencing @Field in aic
          [GROOVY-8130] - Cannot call private constructor error - @CompileStatic & default method argument
          [GROOVY-8208] - VariableExpressionTransformer does not set source position on property expressions
          [GROOVY-8213] - Closures are maybe not Threadsafe
          [GROOVY-8220] - GroovyCastException with CompileStatic
          [GROOVY-8222] - AsmClassGenerator does not set source positions on property expressions
          [GROOVY-8240] - Compilation error in @CompileStatic
          [GROOVY-8242] - Javadoc for Newify is missing some attribute values
          [GROOVY-8245] - @Newify(auto=false) causing error (in Groovy Web Console)
          [GROOVY-8246] - AIOOBE in StaticTypeCheckingVisitor with SAM
          [GROOVY-8247] - AIOOBE in StaticTypeCheckingVisitor with SAM and explicit closure parameter
          [GROOVY-8249] - @Newify on local variable declaration fails to resolve class expression
          [GROOVY-8252] - AIOOBE in combination of ncurry and rcurry
          [GROOVY-8255] - Odd problems with flow typing and generics in Groovy 2.4.12+
          [GROOVY-8260] - Static compilation requires casting inside instanceof check
          [GROOVY-8261] - Faulty getText implementations for ExpressionStatement & ThrowStatement
          [GROOVY-8262] - GrabAnnotationTransformation.visit has unreachable code
          [GROOVY-8268] - ReturnStatement.toString() doesn't include its expression
          [GROOVY-8271] - Take/TakeRight methods on iterator needlessly calls hasNext for one too many elements
          [GROOVY-8288] - [Sql] withBatch fails when batchSize == number of addBatch call
          [GROOVY-8289] - STC and default value in ctor is causing debugging error
          [GROOVY-8294] - Return 404 for non-existing paths in `TemplateServlet` when running from .war
          [GROOVY-8313] - NullPointerException in TypeResolver when using generic array return type
          [GROOVY-8319] - Improve smart type on list expresions
          [GROOVY-8324] - Enabling groovy.indy.logging can lead to stack overflows
          [GROOVY-8325] - @CompileStatic calls wrong newInstance method.
          [GROOVY-8326] - @Override should not copied onto methods generated by applying @Memoize
          [GROOVY-8330] - Wrong 'Inconvertible types' error on casting interface
          [GROOVY-8336] - Static compilation requires casting inside instanceof check (additional cases)
          [GROOVY-8341] - GDK: eachDirRecurse and eachFileRecurse are NOT depth-first
          [GROOVY-8357] - EncodingGroovyMethods.decodeBase64() throws "bad character in base64 value" when meets \t \r
          [GROOVY-8369] - Enum property access not working with @CompileStatic
          [GROOVY-8380] - Regression in 2.4.13-SNAPSHOT: x & y, x | y, x ^ y lose typing information
          [GROOVY-8382] - Target Typing for empty collections should work for field/property initialisers
          [GROOVY-8383] - OptimizerVisitor#setConstField not @CS friendly
          [GROOVY-8384] - Regression in 2.4.13 (snapshot) with STC and intdiv
          [GROOVY-8257] - Incorrect package for Mixin AST transform in online docs
          [GROOVY-8269] - Unclear/incorrect definition of default behavior for trait multiple inheritence conflicts
          [GROOVY-8374] - Incorrect modifier listed in Properties description
          [GROOVY-8376] - Add @DelegatesTo to SwingBuilder methods that call setDelegate
      New Feature
          [GROOVY-8236] - Report more meaningful error for versions of Groovy not supporting @Repeatable
          [GROOVY-8291] - Bump XStream version to 1.4.10
      Changelog for Groovy 2.4.12
          [GROOVY-7535] - Groovy category throwing MissingMethodException and MissingPropertyException when using multiple threads
          [GROOVY-7654] - Iterable as List and Iterable.asList() have different semantics
          [GROOVY-7979] - JsonSlurper parses a single minus character as a number
          [GROOVY-8056] - GroovyCodeSource(URL) can leak a file handler
          [GROOVY-8074] - @CompileStatic class property accessed instead of map property
          [GROOVY-8135] - SecureASTCustomizer whitelist does not work
          [GROOVY-8157] - Flow typing doesn't work with assignment to a parameter
          [GROOVY-8166] - Repeated operations in AnnotationCollectorTransform and Traits
          [GROOVY-8174] - Groovy.Sql+Oracle parameter substitution problem
          [GROOVY-8178] - Codenarc broken in quality build
          [GROOVY-8193] - TraitReceiverTransformer does not set source position on property expressions
          [GROOVY-8203] - Add @Newify will cause ?. operator NPE
          [GROOVY-8204] - @Delegate on arrays causes NPE during compilation
          [GROOVY-8229] - nested try-catch-finally handling inside Closures generates wrong bytecode
          [GROOVY-8170] - Error in note 1 for pseudo-properties: should be "writing" not "reading"
          [GROOVY-8235] - JSR308 avoid compiler errors for legacy versions
      Changelog for Groovy 2.4.11
          [GROOVY-7879] - Groovy calls wrong method if there is a static method on an interface
          [GROOVY-8117] - groovydoc links to a wrong type
          [GROOVY-8123] - Wrong invokation target of static method
          [GROOVY-8127] - Access to Trait$Trait$Helper#$self is forbidden
          [GROOVY-8128] - Breaking change in 2.4.9 with Sql query with GString
          [GROOVY-8132] - Properties of @Delegate fields are preferred to those in the owning class
          [GROOVY-8140] - Invoke method not returning MOP super method if isCallToSuper
          [GROOVY-8142] - Static compiler produces different bytecode for same sources
          [GROOVY-8143] - Performance subproject included in release artifacts
          [GROOVY-8148] - Closure-shared variables may produce different closure classes for same sources
          [GROOVY-8155] - No types when executing PostgreSQL stored procedure
          [GROOVY-8156] - Compile error when ListenerList annotation exists
          [GROOVY-8160] - Exception when evaluating two Groovy scripts containing an enum in parallel
          [GROOVY-7579] - Improve docs for invokeMethod
          [GROOVY-6184] - Make ClassHelper consistent in how it creates ClassNodes
      Changelog for Groovy 2.4.10
          [GROOVY-6792] - ClassFormatError if a method has dots within its name
          [GROOVY-7248] - MissingPropertyException: No such property in finally block
          [GROOVY-7402] - Compiler NPE Related To AST Transformations And Traits
          [GROOVY-7797] - Private trait method called from within a closure has the wrong "this" context
          [GROOVY-7909] - Calling parents method from trait using Parent.super.method() fail depending on trait declaration order
          [GROOVY-8085] - Exception in "finally" not caught by outer "try"
          [GROOVY-8107] - Binary incompatibility problems between compiled code in Groovy 2.4.7 vs 2.4.9
          [GROOVY-8109] - Unsupported operator with @CompileStatic causes BUG! () during compilation
          [GROOVY-8110] - @ListenerList generated fireWhatever() method stops working
          [GROOVY-8118] - Builder's DefaultStrategy has small doc error
          [GROOVY-8119] - Groovy Language Specification documentation has bad internal links to "type checking section"
          [GROOVY-8124] - Include documentation in the SDKMAN install
      Changelog for Groovy 2.4.9
          [GROOVY-8023] - Compile time increases exponentially when compiling Class implementing a Trait
          [GROOVY-8026] - Matcher indexed via IntRange with startIdx..-1 does not return "intermediate" range matches
          [GROOVY-8030] - An unexpected error has occurred when using 'kkk = kkk + 12'
          [GROOVY-8033] - STC: spread property references fails in static method
          [GROOVY-8048] - final fields for pre-compiled traits aren't processed correctly
          [GROOVY-8060] - @Log annotation does not check logging enablement inside closures which are arguments to methods
          [GROOVY-8065] - Map created as org.springframework.http.HttpHeaders is empty in 2.4.8, works fine in 2.4.7
          [GROOVY-8066] - protected fields should be disallowed in traits
          [GROOVY-8067] - Possible deadlock when creating new ClassInfo entries in the cache
          [GROOVY-8068] - improper logging in groovy.sql.Sql
          [GROOVY-8069] - Annotation based logging of complex expression in closure throws GroovyCastException when statically compiled
          [GROOVY-8082] - Groovy sql.rows returns org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: No hstore extension installed
      Changelog for Groovy 2.4.8
          [GROOVY-5396] - Groovy classes can't see package-local properties from a super class
          [GROOVY-5752] - DelegateASTTransformation#addGetterIfNeeded doesn't take boolean isX accessors into account
          [GROOVY-5985] - Invalid hash key "serialVersionUID"
          [GROOVY-6107] - Unable to access an outer class static method from a super call in the inner-class constructor
          [GROOVY-6175] - invoking Closure property like method fails because of doCall/call asynchronity
          [GROOVY-6245] - @EqualsAndHashCode assumes get style getters for boolean properties
          [GROOVY-6468] - Unable to call private method/constructor from static inner class with @CompileStatic
          [GROOVY-6584] - Cannot use memoize() to cache metaclass method call
          [GROOVY-6738] - Type checking considers extension methods but not extension properties
          [GROOVY-6764] - Problem Referring To Statically Imported Constants
          [GROOVY-6831] - Access to static fields/properties from within nested classes is inconsistent
          [GROOVY-6862] - Traits dont allow $ in identifiers where normal classes do
          [GROOVY-6932] - @Log annotation does not check logging enablement inside closures
          [GROOVY-6947] - NPE in compilation when assigning a value to 'this'
          [GROOVY-7044] - Cloned NodeBuilder created nodes share values (child nodes) with original node.
          [GROOVY-7086] - ShortTypeHandling: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Class cannot be cast to java.lang.String
          [GROOVY-7109] - Severe Memory Leak Happens when Script Executes
          [GROOVY-7150] - Redirection of output in javax.script.ScriptEngine.invokeFunction() doesn't work
          [GROOVY-7185] - Impossible to override method with generic array of Java class.
          [GROOVY-7340] - GroovyDoc doesn't understand method type parameters
          [GROOVY-7497] - GroovyDoc reports only last method of a script
          [GROOVY-7514] - static final fields on trait aren't final
          [GROOVY-7542] - CompileStatic class generation bug "register with message: rightShiftUnsigned and arguments X"
          [GROOVY-7558] - Error when referencing private member variables from within a closure
          [GROOVY-7584] - transient fields in trait are not transient in implementing class
          [GROOVY-7655] - Wrong method is chosen when using super with generics
          [GROOVY-7679] - calling super in Groovy (version 2.4.5) miss the parent class?
          [GROOVY-7683] - Memory leak when using Groovy as JSR-223 scripting language.
          [GROOVY-7697] - GroovyScriptEngine.loadScriptByName doesn't support environment variable "groovy.ast"
          [GROOVY-7699] - collate() on empty list shall return empty list
          [GROOVY-7713] - CompileStatic checking fails with null returns
          [GROOVY-7731] - OutOfMemoryError starting from groovy-2.4.5 version.
          [GROOVY-7748] - SAM & @CompileStatic failure
          [GROOVY-7774] - Collection addAll fails CompileStatic type checking when adding a collection of subtypes
          [GROOVY-7787] - leftShift in simple closure won't CompileStatic
          [GROOVY-7834] - Calling hashCode on IntRange iterates through all elements in the range.
          [GROOVY-7842] - MarkupTemplateEngine totally broken when used with a Security Manager
          [GROOVY-7849] - Incompatible covariant array return type
          [GROOVY-7863] - Statically compiled calls to private outer class methods fail with multiple levels of nesting
          [GROOVY-7870] - Implicit returns of transformed binary expressions do not have line numbers when statically compiled
          [GROOVY-7872] - Nested calls between @Lazy static properties throws MissingPropertyException
          [GROOVY-7873] - Regression performance issue in string methods
          [GROOVY-7875] - IntRange fail fast on too large a range out by one
          [GROOVY-7876] - ClassCastException when calling DefaultTypeTransformation#compareEqual
          [GROOVY-7880] - Diamond Operator for own class causes NullPointerException if Static Compilation is enabled
          [GROOVY-7884] - GroovyScriptEngineImpl usage of CompilerConfiguration can lead to memory leaks
          [GROOVY-7888] - Type checker infers wrong type on compound assignment (e.g. += for collection) for property
          [GROOVY-7907] - Cannot assign value of type java.lang.Object with varargs, parameterized method and @CompileStatic
          [GROOVY-7912] - MissingPropertyException when referencing a static import in a closure's optional parameters
          [GROOVY-7913] - ClassInfo.globalClassValue lead to GroovyClassLoader can't unload classes
          [GROOVY-7916] - MissingPropertyException when accessing a static inner class member from a sub class
          [GROOVY-7917] - Sub class can't override final static property
          [GROOVY-7921] - using "this" as the target of an assignment not working with Category annotation
          [GROOVY-7922] - Static type checking not strict enough in the presence of ambiguous method matching
          [GROOVY-7924] - groovyc fails with NPE for dynamic method/property use on super
          [GROOVY-7925] - 'this' and 'super' as LHS of an assignment
          [GROOVY-7926] - Method that returns void in a Trait with generics produces questionable byte code
          [GROOVY-7927] - Static type checking
          [GROOVY-7930] - @SelfType in hierarchy with an interface in the middle
          [GROOVY-7932] - Cannot call private constructor from closures with @CompileStatic
          [GROOVY-7933] - Incorrect boxing of boolean primitive types
          [GROOVY-7935] - Right side of assignment - remove parens or not?
          [GROOVY-7936] - renaming static imports
          [GROOVY-7938] - inconsistent access of methods in outer class
          [GROOVY-7940] - Inconsistent handling of undocumented primitive data types at the @Lazy annotation under use of extends
          [GROOVY-7948] - tab completion for static imports in groovysh does not work
          [GROOVY-7951] - MethodCallExpression.transformExpression does not copy generic types
          [GROOVY-7952] - Property expressions for extension methods starting with 'is' fail STC
          [GROOVY-7953] - Property expressions for extension methods on primitives fail STC
          [GROOVY-7955] - Groovydoc fails to parse Java source files containing the diamond operator
          [GROOVY-7958] - Incorrect parsing of comma-separated variable declaration as single statement after if/while/for
          [GROOVY-7966] - Change in source order changes output in Java+Groovy joint compilation
          [GROOVY-7969] - Incorrect modifers on setter for volatile property with @Bindable/@Vetoable
          [GROOVY-7973] - Class.this not evaluated correctly within a closure within an inner class
          [GROOVY-7976] - Sort methods that accept a comparator should accept Comparator<? super T> (fix DGM signatures)
          [GROOVY-7987] - Type checker doesn't flag static method calls to instance methods with otherwise the same signature
          [GROOVY-7994] - Anonymous inner class believes protected method in parent's superclass returns Object
          [GROOVY-7997] - calling method having a Bigdecimal parameter with a long produces incorrect bigdecimal
          [GROOVY-8019] - Strange performance issue using if(true) versus if(1==1)
          [GROOVY-8035] - Class unloading (PermGen) memory leak with Groovy Shell
          [GROOVY-8052] - CVE-2016-6814 Security Vulnerability
          [GROOVY-7887] - Typo s/now/know/ in core-domain-specific-languages
          [GROOVY-7472] - Missing uncapitalize method
          [GROOVY-7894] - Extend VariableScope to expose all declared variables
          [GROOVY-7942] - @Lazy transform creates unneeded getter/setter for backing store field
          [GROOVY-7946] - StreamingJsonBuilder should support writable values


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