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Upgrade to Checkstyle 7.6



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      See http://checkstyle.sourceforge.net/releasenotes.html#Release_7.6

          add allowEmptyCatches parameter to WhitespaceAroundCheck. Author: liscju #3841
          NoWhitespaceBefore: Add support for varargs. Author: Robert Painsi #3718
          Google style: allow single character variables. Author: Andrei Selkin #3702
          NPathComplexityCheck: set of tokens should not be customizable by user. Author: kazachka #3797
      Bug fixes:
          DesignForExtension: order of annotations change violation. Author: Andrei Selkin #3830
          AbbreviationAsWordInName: confusing violation message. Author: rnveach #3721
          Fix AbstractTypeAwareCheck when dealing with nested interfaces. Author: rnveach #3835
          IllegalTokenText in google_checks should not has BACKSPACE character . Author: rnveach #3701
          IndentationCheck: catch child indentation not checked. Author: rnveach #3803
          Indentation: Annotation with RParen on new line when followed by other annotations causes invalid expectation. Author: shawn.kovalchick #3733
          Code coverage is not working for certain classes in checkstyle. Author: Andrei Selkin #3843
          ImportControl: improve xdoc documentation. Author: Jochen Van de Velde #2935
          reevaluate tokens in IllegalTokenText. Author: Vladislav Lisetskii #3729
          reevaluate 'default' and 'case' in google config for EmptyBlock. Author: rnveach #3748
          reevaluate tokens in checkstyle config for NeedBraces. Author: rnveach #3735
          Config: forbid assert token by Illegal token Check. Author: rnveach #3751
          reevaluate tokens in google config for OperatorWrapCheck. Author: rnveach #3749
          messages_ja.properties contains funny (wrongly machine-translated) messages. Author: SATO Yusuke #3831
          config: Remove redundant and incorrect rules from import control configuration. Author: Jochen Van de Velde #3736
          travis should skip execution if configs of other CIs are changed. Author: Roman Ivanov #3818
          doc: Add notes on import control config for inner classes. Author: Jochen Van de Velde
          Rename method in CheckUtil. Author: Vladislav Lisetskii #3820
          wercker ci should have most of testing launches on real code to shorten time of Travis execution. Author: Roman Ivanov #3798
          Typo in website documentation for JavadocMethod.. Author: Roman Ivanov #3800
          doc: Known API issues was added to reference #3810. Author: Roman Ivanov




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