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Upgrade to JavaMail 1.5.6



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    • 9.4-rc-1
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      See https://javamail.java.net/docs/CHANGES.txt (since 1.4.7).

      The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.5.6 release.
      K  7091	Support LogRecord.setMillis being deprecated in JDK 9
      K  7092	Logging should support LogRecord.getInstant
      K  7097	Create common super class for logging tests
      K  7140	NPE by APOP detection when no greeting banner
      K  7150	Make IMAPProtocol.handleLoginResult protected
      K  7151	InternetAddress.parse fails for valid domain literal address
      K  7238	unsolicited FETCH response *must* invalidate X-GM-LABELS in cache
      K  7332	MimeBodyPart.isMimeType returns false if type header can't be parsed
      K  7356	NPE in Tomcat ClassLoader causes Session.getInstance to fail
      K  7378	Deadlock in IMAPFolder.doProtocolCommand()
      K  7471	InternetAddress.getLocalAddress should use
      K  7472	Store finalizers should not talk to server
      K  7506	MailHandler verify should load additional content handlers
      K  7512	NullPointerException if SASL is enabled on Android
      K  7513	write timeouts don't work with SSL on Android
      K  7529	JavaMail allows injection of unwanted headers
      K  7536	Message.setRecipient(type, null) should remove recipients
      		  CHANGES IN THE 1.5.5 RELEASE
      The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.5.5 release.
      K  6886	add support for setting GMail labels on messages
      K  6905	Add spam filter for use with MailHandler.
      K  6907	Address MailDateFormat issues
      K  6938	Typo in "mail.stmp.sendpartial"
      K  6943	mail.mime.encodefilename property should override RFC 2231 encoding
      K  6964	IMAP should support a mail.imap.auth.mechanisms property like SMTP
      K  6965	setting mail..auth.mechanisms should override
      K  6966	add support for OAuth 2.0 without SASL
      K  6973	capability() command doesn't properly transform errors
      K  6989	MailHandler needs better support for stateful filters.
      K  6997	add support for IMAP login referrals (RFC 2221)
      K  7009	whitespace line at beginning confuses InternetHeaders
      K  7014	IndexOutOfBoundsException reading IMAP literal when connection fails
      K  7019	IdleManager dies with CancelledKeyException
      K  7026	IdleManager can deadlock when not busy
      K  7027	IMAP Folder methods throw runtime exceptions when connection drops
      K  7028	InternetAddress doesn't detect some illegal newlines
      K  7030	Status class doesn't decode mailbox name
      K  7035	add support for IMAP COMPRESS extension (RFC 4978)
      K  7052	Empty Gmail X-GM-LABELS list is misparsed
      K  7075	IMAPMessage.getReceivedDate should check if receivedDate is present
      	before loading envelope
      K  7083	CollectorFormatter descending order data race
      K  7090	off-by-1 error in Response.readStringList causes early termination of
      	parsing FETCH response
      K  7094	INTERNALDATE FetchProfile Item
      K  7104	Exchange returns NIL instead of "" for empty parameter, causing NPE
      		  CHANGES IN THE 1.5.4 RELEASE
      The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.5.4 release.
      K  6719	Include elapsed time, thread id, and sequence for logging formatters.
      K  6767	MailHandlerTest does not check field is static or final
      K  6804	IdleManager can deadlock with frequent notifications
      K  6817	IdleManager can deadlock when connection fails
      K  6824	IMAP provider should support the MOVE extension (RFC 6851)
      K  6840	MODSEQ should be stored in IMAPMessage if CONDSTORE is enabled
      K  6844	Space character lost from end of quoted-printable body parts
      K  6850	GmailMessage extensions are not cached after implicit FETCH
      K  6852	IMAP message sets should be sorted in cases where order doesn't matter
      K  6860	ID command shouldn't escape NIL value
      K  6863	Make IMAPProtocol class extendable
      		  CHANGES IN THE 1.5.3 RELEASE
      The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.5.3 release.
      K  6379	Make constructor of POP3Folder protected to allow subclassing
      K  6407	calling IdleManager.watch twice on same folder fails
      K  6430	NPE in IMAPFolder.copyUIDMessages when COPYUID not returned
      K  6496	Message-Id leaks current user/hostname of the Java process (security)
      K  6498	IMAP idle breaks interrupt flag
      K  6526	Date search terms result in wrong greater-than SEARCH commands for IMAP
      K  6535	address similar to (x)(z) will throw StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
      K  6551	Update logging demos to use the new 1.5.2 features
      K  6552	Use classloader ergonomics in the MailHandler
      K  6585	ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in IMAPFolder.copyUIDMessages
      K  6638	attachment filenames aren't being encoded by default
      K  6644	Include javadoc example formats for logging.
      K  6657	SharedFileInputStream has problems with 2GB+ files
      K  6667	MimeBodyPart with copied DataHandler doesn't always set encoding
      K  6668	skip unusable Store and Transport classes
      K  6687	long parameter values should be split using RFC 2231
      K  6703	javax.mail.Authenticator thread safety
      K  6718	Modify MailHandler to support Google App Engine.
      K  6755	EXPUNGE response during UID FETCH breaks UID->seqnum mapping
      K  6762	ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException caused by out-of-range IMAP responses
      K  6772	write timeouts don't work with a custom SSL socket factory
      K  6778	SMTP SASL DIGEST-MD5 fails on postfix since the last reply sent is "*"
      		  CHANGES IN THE 1.5.2 RELEASE
      The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.5.2 release.
      K  5820	allow IMAP search to throw SearchException when search is too complex
      K  6181	NullPointerException at IMAPFolder#getMessagesByUID if msg not found
      K  6201	add option to use canonical host name for SASL
      K  6203	IMAP astring parsing incorrect
      K  6207	SMTP SASL support doesn't handle authentication failure properly
      K  6208	SASL authentication failures should not try other methods
      K  6238	add OAuth2 support to JavaMail
      K  6260	IMAP failures during close can leave connection unusable
      K  6261	need way to monitor IMAP responses
      K  6274	MimeUtility.encodeText() does not work with Unicode surrogate pairs
      K  6283	IMAP alerts and notifications are not sent during authentication
      K  6324	add ability to fetch and cache entire IMAP message
      K  6325	add ability to return server-specific STATUS responses
      K  6326	add ability to set "peek" flag for all IMAP messages
      K  6327	add ability to specify scope of event queue
      K  6328	add ability to specify an Executor to process events
      K  6336	handle multiple IMAP BODY elements in a single FETCH response
      K  6352	add more efficient way to monitor multiple folders for new messages
      K  6353	Include a subject formatter for the logging package
      K  6365	Broken equals in URLName, NewsAddress
      K  6366	NullPointerException in ContentType.match
      K  6367	hashCode of two equals instances does not match for ModifiedSinceTerm,
      	YoungerTerm, OlderTerm
      K  6368	NullPointerException in InternetAddress
      		  CHANGES IN THE 1.5.1 RELEASE
      The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.5.1 release.
      K  5901	Wrong "source" version in build.properties
      K  5924	IMAP provider should support the QRESYNC extension (RFC 5162)
      K  5925	IMAP provider should support the WITHIN search extension (RFC 5032)
      K  5933	JavaMail does not handle write timeouts
      K  5934	method fill() isn't synchronized correctly in SharedFileInputStream
      K  5978	NullPointerException in MimeUtility#quote()
      K  5987	support RFC 2359 COPYUID response code
      K  5989	Empty FROM Field causes Exception
      K  6004	Filename isn't parsed correctly if charset is not set
      K  6072	copying a DataHandler from a parsed message to a new message fails
      K  6102	MimeMessage does not unfold address headers before parsing them
      K  6108	When using XGWTRUSTEDAPP mechanism, LOGIN should not be issued if no
      	authzid is specified
      K  6125	support empty IMAP ENVELOPE address list instead of NIL
      K  6137	JavaMail should support the IMAP ID extension
      K  6141	Typo: "mechansims"
      K  6160	Exchange returns out of range message numbers for SEARCH
      K  6161	require extra permission to create default Session with SecurityManager
      		  CHANGES IN THE 1.5.0 RELEASE
      The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.5.0 release.
      K  5682	add FetchProfile.Item.SIZE
      K  5683	fix protected fields in final classes in javax.mail.search
      K  5684	add MimeMultipart(String subtype, BodyPart... bps) constructor
      K  5685	exceptions should support exception chaining
      K  5686	ParameterList needs to support use by IMAP
      K  5687	ContentType.toString & ContentDisposition.toString shouldn't return null
      K  5689	add Transport.send(msg, username, password) method
      K  5690	add MimeMessage.setFrom(String) method
      K  5691	add Message.getSession() method
      K  5692	MimeBodyPart.attachFile should set the disposition to ATTACHMENT
      K  5693	add MimeMessage.reply(replyToAll, setAnswered) method
      K  5694	add "next" methods to HeaderTokenizer to help parsing bad headers
      K  5743	add @MailSessionDefinition and @MailSessionDefinitions for Java EE 7
      K  5769	make cachedContent field protected in MimeMessage and MimeBodyPart
      K  5770	make MimeMultipart fields protected to allow subclassing
      K  5818	need simple way to override MIME type and encoding of attachment
      K  5819	enable RFC 2231 support by default
      K  5847	Exception when parsing bad address with unclosed quote in mail header
      K  5861	when failing to connect to a server, provide more detail in exception


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