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Project Management



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      Xwiki is a cool collaboration tool, but what's still missing and would be useful for all users is a project area for managing, steering and controlling projects.

      At the moment there are existent extensions available that have tried to solve this need, but the integration level and workflow within XWiki is low.

      Starting Design Thinking about such an solution there is the idea that it should be possible to create projects and to capture project related times within XWiki. Why still to use Jira for this when XWiki could offer the same or even better features directly connected to knowledge?

      Center element would be an module to create and process projects containing:

      • Project ID
      • Project Name
      • short description
      • status (Standby, in progress, waiting, closed, ...)
      • Project Leader (XWiki User as related product owner)
      • planed resources (estimation value when starting a project)
      • calculated time needed (sum of all assigned task, as children elements)

      Within projects tasks are assigned, every task consists of

      • task ID
      • related project (or more)
      • task short description
      • task detailed description
      • task status (toDo, InProgress, Done)
      • task priority (Low, medium, high)
      • product owner (XWiki user)
      • task manager (assigned person for this task)
      • due date
      • estimated work load in minutes

      At least within our XWiki Installation there is no connection between task and projects and anyway there is no possibility to define times and other projects resources related to tasks and projects.

      A dashboard should visualize projects and tasks within a timeline.

      Every communication within the project team shall be organized and controlled via online communication. Notifications and eMail information support to follow the activities according to a task or a project and is based on the notification workflow in XWiki.

      According to a task, a price can be defined which represents the agreed resources on this task. All task related working activities can be associated and booked into a task, so that a tasks answers
      1) time in minutes agreed (e.g.180min estimated working time)
      2) time in minutes needed in reality (e.g. 300min that were needed in reality to fulfill the task)

      Each task can be set up as an MVP (minimal viable product) which does contain a short description of a goal when the MVP status is finished.

      On task level an expectation can be defined (optional) in order to save goals before realising tasks and to compare them which achieved targets.

      On the level of a project agreed price levels for certain tasks (e.g. configuration, design, programming, etc.) can be globally defined and be assigned on task level. An automated calculation is performed on project level, so that each project (also internal projects) consists of an internal and external price information.

      Availability - A mechanism between task and XWiki user ensures that an agreement is needed in order to set a time definition for a project. A predefined time limited of the project owner can be overwritten by the time definition of a project team member who is responsible for the set of the project, but both time stamps are saved to give an report for project time budget quality estimation.

      Incident Management
      There are

      • incidents
      • problems (underlying cause of an incident)
      • changes

      which can be assigned as a task and run on a project level.

      Persons do have the status of

      • responsible (XWiki person responsible for correct function)
      • accountable (XWiki person who has ownership over a task, only one person can be accountable!)
      • consulted (XWiki person who are consulted and whose opinions are sought)
      • informed (XWiki person kept up to date)
        A raci matrix can be pulled in a dashboard and gives an overview about responsibilities.
      • individual KPI (like warranty KPI) can be defined on task and / or project level
      • documents can be assigned to tasks / and or projects

      Events can be defined on task level like:

      • Information
      • Warning (e.g. 3 days left before to finish)
      • exception

      Within a task and / or a project XWiki pages can be set in relation, so that a direct access to related information is guaranteed.

      According to each task a comment function can be used to discuss about e.g. goals in scope or of scope related to a certain task.




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