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Upgrade to Jacoco plugin 0.8.5



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      See http://www.eclemma.org/jacoco/trunk/doc/changes.html

      New Features
          JaCoCo now officially supports Java 13
          Experimental support for Java 14 class files (GitHub #897).
          Branches added by the Kotlin compiler for open functions with default arguments are filtered out during generation of report (GitHub #887).
      Fixed bugs
          synthetic constructors that contain values of default arguments in Kotlin should not be ignored (GitHub #888).
          Instrumentation should update indexes of local variables in annotations (GitHub #894).
          Branches added by the Kotlin compiler for functions with default arguments and containing arguments of type long or double should be filtered out during generation of report (GitHub #908).
          synthetic methods that contain bodies of anonymous functions in Scala should not be ignored (GitHub #912).
          To avoid failures with invalid class files report generation now checks that source references are actually files (GitHub #941).
          NullPointerException during filtering (GitHub #942, #944).
      Non-functional Changes
          JaCoCo now distributed under the terms and conditions of the Eclipse Public License Version 2.0 (GitHub #943).
          Prevent startup when JaCoCo runtime cannot be initialized to avoid subsequent faults (GitHub #910).
          JaCoCo now depends on ASM 7.2 (GitHub #947).
      API Changes
          The coverage check API and tools (Ant, Maven) now report an error, when a coverage ratio limit is configured outside the range [0,1] to avoid common configuration mistakes (GitHub #783).
          Unsupported class file versions are now consistently reported as exceptions by all methods of Analyzer and Instrumenter and thus also during report generation and offline instrumentation (GitHub #952).




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