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Upgrade to Bouncy Castle 1.66



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      See https://www.bouncycastle.org/releasenotes.html

      Defects Fixed
          EdDSA verifiers now reset correctly after rejecting overly long signatures.
          BCJSSE: SSLSession.getPeerCertificateChain could throw NullPointerException. This has been fixed.
          qTESLA-I verifier would reject some valid signatures. This has been fixed.
          qTESLA verifiers now reject overly long signatures.
          PGP regression caused failure to preserve existing version header when headers were reset. This has now been fixed.
          PKIXNameConstraintValidator had a bad cast preventing use of multiple OtherName constraints. This has been fixed.
          Serialisation of the non-CRT RSA Private Key could cause a NullPointerException. This has been fixed.
          An extra 4 bytes was included in the start of HSS public key encodings. This has been fixed.
          CMS with Ed448 using a direct signature was using id-shake256-len rather than id-shake256. This has been fixed.
          Use of GCMParameterSpec could cause an AccessControlException under some circumstances. This has been fixed.
          DTLS: Fixed high-latency HelloVerifyRequest handshakes.
          An encoding bug for rightEncoded() in KMAC has been fixed.
          For a few values the cSHAKE implementation would add unnecessary pad bytes where the N and S strings produced encoded data that was block aligned. This has been fixed.
          There were a few circumstances where Argon2BytesGenerator might hit an unexpected null. These have been removed.
      Additional Features and Functionality
          The qTESLA signature algorithm has been updated to v2.8 (20191108).
          BCJSSE: Client-side OCSP stapling now supports status_request_v2 extension.
          Support has been added for PKIXRevocationChecker for users of Java 8 and later.
          Support has been added for "ocsp.enable", "ocsp.responderURL" for users of Java 8 and later.
          Support has been added for "org.bouncycastle.x509.enableCRLDP" to the PKIX validator.
          BCJSSE: Now supports system property 'jsse.enableFFDHE'
          BCJSSE: Now supports system properties 'jdk.tls.client.SignatureSchemes' and 'jdk.tls.server.SignatureSchemes'.
          Multi-release support has been added for Java 11 XECKeys.
          Multi-release support has been added for Java 15 EdECKeys.
          The MiscPEMGenerator will now output general PrivateKeyInfo structures.
          A new property "org.bouncycastle.pkcs8.v1_info_only" has been added to make the provider only produce version 1 PKCS8 PrivateKeyInfo structures.
          The PKIX CertPathBuilder will now take the target certificate from the target constraints if a specific certificate is given to the selector.
          BCJSSE: A range of ARIA and CAMELLIA cipher suites added to supported list.
          BCJSSE: Now supports the PSS signature schemes from RFC 8446 (TLS 1.2 onwards).
          Performance of the Base64 encoder has been improved.
          The PGPPublicKey class will now include direct key sigantures when checking for key expiry times.
      The qTESLA update breaks compatibility with previous versions. Private keys now include a hash of the public key at the end, and signatures are no longer interoperable with previous versions. 




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