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Upgrade to Bouncy Castle 1.74



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    • 15.5-rc-1
    • 15.4
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      See https://www.bouncycastle.org/releasenotes.html

      Defects Fixed
          AsconEngine: Fixed a buffering bug when decrypting across multiple processBytes calls (ascon128a unaffected).
          Context based sanity checking on PGP signatures has been added.
          The ParallelHash clone constructor was not copying all fields. This is now fixed.
          The maximimum number of blocks for CTR/SIC modes was 1 block less than it should have been. This is now fixed.
      Additional Features and Functionality
          The PGP API now supports wildcard key IDs for public key based data encryption.
          LMS now supports SHA256/192, SHAKE256/192, and SHAKE256/256 (the additional SP 8000-208 parameter sets).
          The PGP API now supports V5 and V6 AEAD encryption for encrypted data packets.
          The PGP examples have been updated to reflect key size and algorithm changes that have occurred since they were first written (10+ years...).
          (D)TLS: A new callback 'TlsPeer.notifyConnectionClosed' will be called when the connection is closed (including by failure).
          BCJSSE: Improved logging of connection events and include unique IDs in connection-specific log messages.
          BCJSSE: Server now logs the offered cipher suites when it fails to select one.
          BCJSSE: Added support for SSLParameters namedGroups and signatureSchemes properties (can also be used via BCJSSE extension API in earlier Java versions).
          DTLS: The initial handshake re-send time is now configurable by overriding 'TlsPeer.getHandshakeResendTimeMillis'.
          DTLS: Added support for connection IDs per RFC 9146.
          DTLS: Performance of DTLSVerifier has been improved so that it can reasonably be used for all incoming packets.
          Initial support has been added for A Mechanism for Encoding Differences in Paired Certificates.
          The PGP API now supports parsing, encoding, and fingerprinting of V6 EC/EdEC keys.
          A thread safe verifier API has been added to the PGP API to support multi-threaded verification of certifications on keys and user IDs.
          The number of keys/sub-keys in a PGPKeyRing can now be found by calling PGPKeyRing.size().
          The PQC algorithms LMS/HSS, SPHINCS+, Dilithium, Falcon, and NTRU are now supported directly by the BC provider.
          The now defunct PQC SIKE algorithm has been removed, this has also meant the removal of its resource files so the provider is now quite a bit smaller.
          As a precaution, HC128 now enforces a 128 bit IV, previous behaviour for shorter IVs can be supported where required by padding the IV to the 128 bits with zero.
          PGP encrypted data generation now uses integrity protection by default. Previous behaviour for encrypted data can be supported where required by calling PGPDataEncryptorBuilder.setWithIntegrityPacket(false) when data encryption is set up.
          There are now additional sanity checks in place to prevent accidental mis-use of PGPSignature objects. If this change causes any issues, you might want to check what your code is up to as there is probably a bug.
      Security Advisories.
          CVE-2023-33201 - this release fixes an issue with the X509LDAPCertStoreSpi where a specially crafted certificate subject could be used to try and extract extra information out of an LDAP server with wild-card matthing enabled.




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