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Upgrade to Logback 0.9.30



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      Changes (see http://logback.qos.ch/news.html):

      September 21st, 2011 - Release of version 0.9.30

      Archive removal can now deal with prolonged periods of application inactivity and application stop and restarts. The issue is described in LBCORE-147 reported by Rafael Diaz Maurin.

      Logback-classic now supports printing stack traces "root cause first" instead of the standard "root cause last". See the documentaiton for %rootException converter for further details. The %rootException converter was contributed by Tomasz Nurkiewicz in relation with LBCLASSIC-217.

      In the ILoggingEvent interface the getMDC method is now deprecated and replaced by getMDCPropertyMap. The latter method was already part of the ILoggingEvent interface in prior versions of logback-classic. Furthermore, the value returned by ILoggingEvent.getMDCPropertyMap can now be an empty map but never null.

      LoggingEvent no longer assumes that LogbackMDCAdapter is the only possible implementation of the MDCAdapter interface. This fixes LBCLASSIC-275 reported by Chris Dolan.

      LogbackMDCAdapter now synchronizes over its thread local map. This prevents ConcurrentModificationException from occuring while a child thread copies the map from the parent. This fixes LBCLASSIC-289 reported by Josh Oddman.

      It is now possible to specify multiple destination addresses separated by commas in the the to property of SMTPAppender. This fixes LBCORE-213 reported by Alexandre Garnier who also provided the relevant patch. In previous versions of logback multiple destination addresses could only be specified by using multiple to properties. As of version 0.9.30 both comma separated addresses and multiple to properties are supported.

      When debug attribute is set to true within the <configuration> element, status messages are printed on the console after Joran (re)configures logback. Previously, all status messages were printed. With this release, only status messages created during (re)configuration are printed. This change fixes LBCLASSIC-273 reported by Joern Huxhorn.

      Single quotes within a date conversion specifier in filename patterns are now handled correctly. This fixes LBCORE-214 reported by Derek Libby.




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