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      Currently using 2.33.

       * Update to support native events for Firefox 27 (removed native event
         support for Firefox 25).
       * Removed the iPhone driver. Also leaving the atoms available, so that
         appium and iosdriver can use them.
       * Deleted the client side of the AndroidDriver. Note that the atoms
         are still left in place so that Selendroid can still be compiled.
       * Make the RemoteWebDriver implement TakesScreenshot. There's only one
         driver that doesn't implement the interface (the HtmUnitDriver) and
         this is the most common cause for using the Augmenter, which isn't
         very discoverable.
       * Imported PhantomJSDriver 1.1.0, removing 1.0.4 (previous version).
       * Implemented augmentation of previously augmented instances
       * Fixed JdkAugmenter's inability to add interfaces that are already implemented
       * Removed, an unnecessary abstraction
       * (on behalf of Tobias Lidskog) Add ability to send --silent flag to
         when building an inverted predicate.
       * Implemented part of advanced user interactions using injected atoms
       * Fixed HtmlUnitDriver to handle timeout exception on refresh.
       * Implemented page load timeouts in Firefox without stopping page
       * Implemented pageLoadingStrategy capability in Firefox.
       * Migrated the WebDriverBackedSelenium to
         com.thoughtworks.selenium.webdriven. This also leaves behind a
         deprecated implementation of each of the key interfaces to ease
         migration for users.
       * Implemented proper error code for the case of invalid css selector
         empty class name, and compound class name in atoms.
       * Implemented alert and confirmation handling in WDBS (Java)
       * Throw a more descriptive error when typing in certain types of input
         elements in Chrome. Starting with Chrome 33, certain types of input
         elements do not support the selection API (in fact, they throw when
         you try to access the property). This prevents us from fully
         simulating typing in the atoms.
       * FIXED: 2397: (on behalf of TommyBeadle) Fixed exception handling
       * FIXED: 3991: Add Keys.chord(Iterable<CharSequence>) as a utility
       * FIXED: 4606: Stop web page loading after timeout.
       * FIXED: 4843: (on behalf of Jonatan Kronqvist) Keys.META is now
         regarded as modifier key in SingleKeyAction. Keys.META, Keys.COMMAND,
         Keys.LEFT_ALT, Keys.LEFT_CONTROL and Keys.LEFT_SHIFT are now also
         regarded as modifier keys in SingleKeyAction (because of their
       * FIXED: 5397: Disabled validation of cookies loaded from the browser.
         If the browser could parse the cookie we are to be able to provide
         this information to the user even if the cookie is inalid.
       * FIXED: 5859: Implemented keyDownNative, keyUpNative and
         keyPressNative in WDBS. These commands are implemented via Actions.
       * FIXED: 6512: When the host is unknown, make the HtmlUnitDriver
         return an error page.
       * FIXED: 6657: Make the LoggingPreferences implement Serializable.
       * FIXED: 6681: Preventing augmentation of subclasses of RemoteWebDriver. Fixes 
       * FIXED: 6830: (on behalf of GeorgeKlinich) Urlencoding result
         returned by server implementation of WebDriverBackedSelenium.
       * FIXED: 6834: Creating sesion cookie if expiry is not set. Fixes issue 6834
       * FIXED: 6947: Script timeout should get reset even when async
         callback is called synchronously.
       * For consistency with Closure's new promise API, use thenCatch()
         and thenFinally() instead of addCallback(), addErrback(), et al.
       * ResultType.EXCEPTION and ResultType.ERROR are handled the exact same way,
         so remove one of them and simplify some code.
       * Treat promise.fulfill/reject as no-ops instead of throwing if the
         promise has already been resolved.
       * Added some utility functions to simplify working with arrays of
       * FIXED: 6826: Add support for custom locators in webdriverjs.
       * FIXED: 4589: Restrict the host where grid hub is listening if -host
         option is specified.
       * FIXED: 6445: Shorten string representation of capabilities in the
         hub log and grid console.
       * Deprecated browser launchers for dead versions of firefox.
       * Update to support native events for Firefox 26.
       * Removed server side of iPhone driver.
       * Removed server-side of AndroidDriver and deprecating client side.
       * FIXED: 6686: Changed Deferred#cancel() to silently no-op if the
         deferred has already been resolved.
        * Update to support native events for Firefox 25.
        * Updated httpclient and httpcore maven dependencies
        * When moving the mouse relative to an element hidden in a parent's
          overflow region, that element must first be scrolled into view
          before the mouse move can be completed.
        * Removed WindowsProxyManager from InternetExplorerDriver, proxy
          management is implemented in IEDriverServer now.
        * The logging level for the FirefoxDriver's native components can now
          be set from the command line with the SELENIUM_LOG_LEVEL
          environment variable. Valid values are ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG,
          and TRACE. If the value is not set, or an unrecognized value is
          specified, the log level will be set to FATAL (which was the
          previous behavior).
        * Implemented ability to return Date object from executeScript
          (Firefox only).
        * Fixed Firefox returning the actual state of nativeEvents.
        * Made it possible to switch the webdriver.xpi from the command line
          using a system property.
        * Removed hardcoded chromedriver version
        * SafariDriver WebElement#getTagName() should return a lowercase
        * If ChromeDriver fails to start, suppress any exceptions from the
          subsequent "clean-up" quit() so the error from start is not lost.
        * Added an alternate, and Android-friendly, implementation of the
          Augmenter that uses JDK interface proxies instead of cglib. This
          new implementation is available as org.openqa.remote.JdkAugmenter;
          the default Augmenter implementation still relies on cglib.
        * Prevented an infinite loop when computing overflow state when the
          documentElement has fixed position.
        * Improveed logging for UnixProcess#destroy().
        * If an error is thrown while typing a key sequence, return that
          error to the client. Prior to this change, the driver would
          effectively hang.
        * Do not attempt to generate a key event if the target element is no
          longer attached to the DOM. nsIPressShell (which is used to
          dispatch events) will throw a generic NS_UNEXPECTED_ERROR if we
          fail to make this check.
        * FIXED: 3107: (On behalf of Ross Patterson) Preventing possible NPE.
        * FIXED: 4501: (On behalf of Robert Ambrus) Introduced a system
          property org.openqa.jetty.SocketListener.bufferSize that allows to
          set the size of the buffer Jetty uses for network communications.
        * FIXED: 4698: Added missing expected conditions.
        * FIXED: 5295: User defined element properties should be retrievable
          with getAttribute.
        * FIXED: 5900: Revamped the SafariDriver's internal networking.
        * FIXED: 6294: Implemented ability to switch to a frame by id or name
          in WDBS.
        * FIXED: 6358: Disabled Content Security Policy in Firefox.
        * FIXED: 6414: Fixed the way EventFiringWebDriver unwraps the
          underlying driver.
        * FIXED: 6431: Catch an exception thrown if the chrome executable is
          not found and stop chromedriver before propagating it.
        * FIXED: 6445: Shortened Firefox profile textual representation in
        * FIXED: 6473: Implemented ability to pass --verbose option to
      WebDriver JS:
        * Always annotate errors for rejected promises
        * FIXED: 6284: Omit x/y offsets from the mouseMove command instead of
          defaulting to (0,0).
        * FIXED: 6471: Correctly document the contract on
        * FIXED: 6612: On Unix, use the default IANA ephemeral port range if
          unable to retrieve the current system's range.
        * FIXED: 6617: Checking for Error.captureStackTrace is sufficient to
          determine if an environment supports stack traces. This avoids
          unnecessarily triggering debuggers configured to halt when an error
          is thrown.
        * FIXED: 6627: Safely rebuild chrome.Options from a partial JSON spec.
        * FIXED: 6357: Added PhantomJS icon to the grid console.
        * FIXED: 6392: Removed misleading log messages.
        * FIXED: 1666: Fixed typo in RegExp.test function name.
        * FIXED: 1758: Ignoring closed windows when collecting attributes
          from all windows (RC).
        * FIXED: 2508: Fixed screenshot size calculation for quirks mode (RC)
        * FIXED: 2845: Moved storedVars from test case level to test suite
        * FIXED: 3185: Fixed JSON converter (RC).
        * FIXED: 3270: Fixed switch to window by var= locator (RC).
        * FIXED: 5103: Fixed screenshooter in Firefox and Selenium RC,
          limiting the size of the screenshot to pevent failures.
        * FIXED: 6496: Enabled .htm and .xhtml extensions for test suites.
        * Fix Firefox native event support on Linux for 23 & 24.
        * Updated Firefox native event components to support Firefox 24.
        * Updated HtmlUnit to 2.13.
        * Updated HttpClient to 4.3.
        * Updated version of Guava to 15.
        * Updated version of wgxpath.
        * Return an empty string instead of "null" when the browserName and
          version capabilities are not set.
        * Stop propagation of the webdriver-evaluate custom event when
          executing user supplied JavaScript. Without this change, the event
          handler will trigger twice for async scripts, causing the driver to
          attempt to evaluate the user script twice, leading to unpredictable
        * Added a new pause action to the interactions API.
        * Improved support for using the HTML5 APIs through the remote
          server by augmenting the session driver before attempting to
          access HTML5 capabilities.  If the driver does not support the
          requested feature, throw an UnsupportedCommandException instead of
          a ClassCastException.
        * Implemented elementScrollBehavior capability in FirefoxDriver.
        * Fixed getLocation to work on scrolled pages.
        * Fixed autoscrolling for elements located in frames.
        * Fixed drag-n-drop for elements in frames in Firefox with native
        * Implemented SOCKS proxy support for FirefoxDriver
        * Fixed support for SVG documents in the atoms.
        * Fixed computing an element's container dimensions to account for
          the scrollbar size when scrolling
        * FIXED: 2670: Made subclasses of By serializable.
        * FIXED: 6200: Pass command line arguments to the Selenium server
          instead of to the JVM.
        * FIXED: 6293: Added more informative error message.
        * FIXED: 6346: Allow args to passed to the JVM using the jvmArgs
        * Added ability to fetch slotCounts from /grid/api/hub. The resource
          looks like this:
              { "slotCounts": { "total": 20, "free": 8 } }
        * Added ability to fetch newSessionRequestCount from the
          /grid/api/hub resource.
        * Updated Firefox native event components to support Firefox 23.
        * Removing deprecated interactions interfaces (Keyboard, Mouse,
        * Updated operadriver to 1.4.
        * Introduced ie.setProxyByServer capability to select how IE browser
          proxy will be set up, either by old Java code using Windows
      	registry or inside IEDriverServer using WinINet methods. This
      	capability is marked as deprecated and will be removed in future
      	versions. In the future, IE proxy settings will be set up only by
      	IEDriverServer. Current default value of ie.setProxyByServer is
      	false so Windows registry will be used for IE proxy setup.
        * Guarded around IE returning an empty object for the active element.
        * FIXED: 6055: Fixing "invalid xpath" issue, actually invalid NS
      WebDriver JS:
        * FIXED: 6079: The parent process should not wait for spawned driver
          service processes (chromedriver, phantomjs, etc.)
        * Updated Firefox native event components to support Firefox 22.
        * Update synthesized mouse implementation. Mouse moves are
          implemented using nsIDOMWindowUtils.
        * Finding in a slightly more intelligent way: Check that
          dlopen actually succeeds, if not found in one of the fixed paths,
          look in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
        * Added ExpectedConditions to check for the visibility of all
          WebElements in a List
        * Updated the wgxpath library.
        * Updated our copy of the Closure compiler and library to the most
          recent versions.
        * Updated the atoms library, including support for MS pointer events
          and refinements to element visibility tests.
        * Close all open connections when stopping the SafariDriver server.
        * Fall back to a loopback address if the current machine does not
          have an external IP address (as will be the case when there is no
          internet connection).
        * Remove sizzle dependency from the firefox driver. We only needed
          this for versions of firefox prior to 3.5, which we no longer
        * Fixed Select.escapeQuotes method.
        * Added SafariOptions and support for custom Safari extensions.
        * Moved Mouse, Keyboard and TouchScreen to the interactions package
          where they belong. This has the benefit of also making our build
          files simpler once we delete the original versions which have been
        * Deprecated the HasTouchScreen interface.
        * Fixed condition in Select.select_by_index method to fix case when
          selection is performed by index on a multiple select element.
        * Implemented an alpha version of a Marionette (WebDriver implemented
          natively in Firefox) driver.
        * Deprecated IPhoneDriver.
        * Added support for the HTML5 "hidden" attribute. If an element, or
          ancestor, has hidden attribute make, it is not shown.
        * FIXED: 2285: Allow setting default logLevel for standalone-server.
        * FIXED: 5609: Adding the ability to redirect firefox process output
          to file.
        * FIXED: 5669: Add Driver#remote_status for the Ruby remote driver.
        * FIXED: 5715: Adding toString method for the event firing
      WebDriver JS:
        * When capturing console output, guard against user scripts that 
          redefine the console global.
        * Improved logging in the test client.
        * Use goog.labs.testing.assertThat for the assertThat library.
        * Improved stack trace handling
        * Defined a webdriver.Capabilities class for webdriverjs.
        * Added native ChromeDriver support to WebDriverJs.
        * Mark discarded tasks as cancelled to prevent hanging on
          asynchronously scheduled callbacks.
        * Include the webdriverjs tests in the built npm package. Updated
          the README with instructions for running the tests using npm.
        * Add native PhantomJS support to webdriverjs.
        * Update grid for change in behavior of WebDriver's new session
        * Fixed handling of JSON conversion errors at node.
        * FIXED: 5942: Fix hang of hub when node machine is not available.
        * Fixed RC tests failing in Firefox beta builds. This has been fixed
          in two ways:
          * Rely on the automation atoms where possible.
          * Obtain the document and window from the element the event is
            firing from.
          In the course of fixing this, all but one usage of "triggerEvent"
          was replaced. Because of this, the method has been inlined to the last
          call site.
        * FIXED: 1646: UTF-8 encoded user-extensions.js support.




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