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      Currently using 2.40. See

        * errorHandler needs to be instantiated. Fixing NPE with IEDriver Issue #7415
        * resorting context endpoints, belong with mobile spec
        * re-added Context endpoints to java client
        * allow custom ErrorHandler for HTTPCommandExecutor
        * fixing toJSON of chrome options where equal options become unequal.
        * updating firefox prebuilts, thanks jleyba for fixing the build!
        * Use PRUnichar for Gecko < 29, char16_t otherwise.
        * Updating third_party/py/jython.jar to Jython 2.5.3
        * Removing unused functions
        * Implementing more straightforward way to send keyboard events in synthesized mode. Fixes typing into number inputs and rich text editors (like tinymce)
        * Fixing interactions API in Firefox to be able to move mouse to elements in frames using native events. Fixes issue 7253
        * Removing unused import
        * Refactoring: moving an auxiliary class from the top level to inner class
        * Removing outdated getValue command handler
        * Change ClearElement to be a subclass of WebElementHandler instead of WebDriverHandler
        * Removing outdated (unused) command constants
        * Fixing clicks on invisible elements in HtmlUnitDriver broken by ElementNotVisibleException being a subclass of InvalidElementStateException
        * Click after move with offset should use last mouse position
        * Adding new interface methods to the stubs
        * Preserve wrapped test function's string representation for Mocah's BDD interface.
        * Fixing IE driver to allow JavaScript objects with property names with spaces
        * Ignoring IE6-only test failure for CSS
        * Bump the hmltunit version to 2.14
        * Remove a class of our which replicates HTTP status codes already given meaningful names in the standard JRE.
        * Updating version match for native libs in firefox plugin manifest file
        * Updating native events dll for FF28
        * Implement ability to load driver providers using ServiceLoader. A user can add new providers or override existing ones. To use this ability a user should:
        * Refactoring the process of driver instances creation to use a new DriverProvider interface. DefaultDriverProvider wraps the current logic -- creating instances using reflection. This is a step to implement ability to load additional providers using ServiceLoader that can add new providers or override existing ones.
        * Ruby: Fix for extensions whose install.rdf uses an attribute for em:id (issue 5978)
        * fixes issue for locating newly installed chrome versions
        * Fixing IE driver crash when clicking on link that opens a new window.
        * Properly configure the http client in the presence of user credentials.
        * java json converter chooses Long (Number base class). Fixing RemoteNetworkConnection
        * SUPPORTS_BROWSER_CONNECTION was removed, missed a reference
        * Clean up use deprecated methods & classes.
        * ElementNotVisibleException is a type of InvalidElementStateException.
        * Tweak messaging on SafariDriver client page to better reflect what is happening. Also added a log message pointing users to the toolbar button that opens the driver log page.
        * Remove some no-op calls to deprecated functions.
        * Pull the logic for converting Command/Response pairs to and frame HTTP request/response pairs into a common codec instead of duplicating the logic on the client and server.
        * Change some tests to use Alert#accept() instead of Alert#dismiss() to get rid of alert dialogs. This is a workaround to ChromeDriver issue 764:
        * When running tests against the remote server, ignore two tests that use required capabilities. The remote server only supports desired capabilities on new session requests.
        * Update two tests to work when running with a remote server, where the original js error will be the root exception, but not necessarily the second error in the cause chain.
        * Test if we need to skip cookie tests for lack of a valid domain name before calling a method that asserts we have a valid domain name.
        * Convert HttpRequest/Response to POJOs; handle all conversion to and from HttpServletRequest/Response inside DriverServlet.
        * Every command handler returns ResultType.SUCCESS and those handlers that return an actual value do so through a level of indirection. This commit changes command handlers to just return results directly to the caller, making it possible to delete a lot of unnecessary code.
        * Move static resource serving code into DriverServlet. It is not part of the JSON wire protocol and including it in the command dispatcher complicates planned refactoring and other code cleanup.
        * Mobile - Network Connection implementation for Java and Python.
        * ChromeDriver 2.10.267517 binds to the loopback address instead of, so only attempt to connect using the loopback address.
        * Code comment changes for wait()
        * added task name to SCHEDULE_TASK event
        * Eclipse compiler update for Java 8 support
        * Updating naive user agent string checks to account for IE11
        * Adding Windows 8.1 detection to Platform.extractFromSysProperty
        * retry a test failure if there was a 'sauce' issue, like we exceeded the total time a test session is allowed to take.
        * adding Windows 8.1 platform, so we can use it in saucelabs for IE11 testing
        * Remove deprecated functions on webdriver.promise.Promise class * Use templates with webdriver.promise.Promise to improve types   documentation.
        * Loosen input type to webdriver.stacktrace.getStack_ to account for an rare condition in FF 28+ where the Error() constructor returns undefined (not sure what causes it, just know it happens)
        * Add ability to save an abitrary base64 string as a screenshot from a WebDriverJS test running in a browser.
        * When Firefox is configured to accept all SSL certs (which is the default behavior), we need to set a time offset to prevent Firefox from using HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security). If we don't do this, Firefox will pre-fetch the certs for sites that should always be accessed over HTTPS and allows Firefox to catch man-in-the-middle attacks. While this is A Good Thing for users, it prevents WebDriver from accepting self-signed certs for these domains (e.g. when they are accessed through a HTTPS proxy).
        * Remove unnecessary dependency on bouncycastle.
        * Making ChromeDriver directly implement the interfaces representing features it implements.
        * Updating build process for Firefox native events components to use gecko 29 SDK
        * Updating buck version to latest OSS release
        * Use addEventListener if possible. Fixes issue 6680
        * Packaging webdriven selenium (emulator) to client-combined jar. Fixes issue 7206
        * Don't use system path separators when computing URL paths.
        * Make Cookie serializable
        * Ignoring a test for HtmlUnitDriver that can't be run due to HtmlUnit restrictions
        * Allowing FindBy, FindBys, FindAll annotations on types
        * Minor cleanup
        * Adding Firefox native event version support to CHANGELOG
        * Adding version number to the capabilities returned by htmlunitdriver. Fixes issue 7110
        * Implementing augmentation indicator as an annotation
        * Error handling for startSession is handled in the parent class now.
        * Remove deprecated functions.
        * Revert "Fixing Java 8 incompatibility caused by use of old jruby" because it breaks java 7 compatibility :(
        * Fixing Java 8 incompatibility caused by use of old jruby
        * Export logging API from main webdriver module.
        * Setting pixel density to be independent from OS settings. Fixes issue 6112
      * Update to support native events for Firefox 28 (removed native event
      support for Firefox 26). Native events are now supported for the
      following Firefox versions:
      17 (immediately previous ESR release)
      24 (current ESR release)
      27 (immediately previous release
      28 (current release)
      * Fixed capabilities to be sent properly encoded. For instance,
      capabilities for mobile have copyright signs.
      * Renamed some commands in the Firefox driver to prepare for Selenium
      3. This essentially means that we're mirroring the names of the
      commands in the function names within the driver. Also implemented
      handling a Selenium 3 style "sessionId" in a Command received by a
      Selenium 2 server.
      * Implemented support for switching context as described here:
      This feature will be used by mobile WebDriver users to switch
      between different contexts like the native or the webview UI element
      tree. The feature is end to end tested with latest Selendroid
      snapshot version (6a126ab). In the langauge bindings, this is
      implemented as a role-based interface. Subclasses of RemoteWEbDriver
      that need this should extend TargetLocator and use covariant return
      types to keep everything happy and sweet.
      * Removed InternetExplorerDriver constructor that accepts
      WindowsProxyManager as a parameter. Proxy management moved to
      IEDriverServer and WindowsProxyManager is used for RC only now.
      * Removed use of VK_ENTER since its been removed from Firefox. PUA
      code uses VK_RETURN now like Mozilla Tools.
      * Added switch to parent frame command to the wire protocol and API.
      * Added httpOnly flag to Cookie JSON object.
      * (on behalf of Tobias Lidskog): Added property for silencing
      chromedriver. The Java property "" is
      now used to set the default value for silent mode in chromedriver
      using the ChromeDriverService class. This is analogous to the
      existing system property for controlling verbose mode.
      * (on behalf of Yi Zeng): Updated download link to
      * Reduced the visibility of a deprecated class in the htmlunit driver.
      * Removed deprecated FirefoxProfile.setProxyPreferences method.
      * Removed deprecated ChromeOptions.setExperimentalOptions
      * FIXED: 4843: (on behalf of Jonatan Kronqvist): Regard all modifier
      keys in SingleKeyAction. An earlier commit added META, but COMMAND
      and LEFT_* were left out as they were misinterpreted as aliases,
      which they aren't (they onlyuse the enum definition to get the same
      character code of the keys).
      * FIXED: 5331: Added javadoc to JavascriptExecutor executeAsyncScript
      about the default timeout. Also added some extra information on
      troubleshooting common issues.
      * FIXED: 7014: Fixed parameters parsing.
      * FIXED: 7033: Fixed javadoc.
      * FIXED: 7105: Properly bind "this" for beforeEach/it/afterEach in
      mocha integration.
      * Modified to ignore exceptions during the clean-up process if failing
      to start a RemoteWebDriver instance.
      * FIXED: 6770: Setting a timeout when Jetty has low resources to
      prevent hub from hanging.
      * FIXED: 6771: If a session times out and the browser was never
      started, it should still be cleaned up on the hub side.
      BeforeRelease should then be a no-op and not throw.
      * FIXED: 6772: Added a configuration parameter to set the number of
      threads Jetty uses. Default is -1, which implements the current
      behavior (255 threads from Jetty's default settings)
      * FIXED 6773: Consuming the request in all cases to properly release
      * FIXED: 6811: Clean up immediately if starting a driver or session
      errors in RemoteWebDriver.
      * FIXED: 6878: Actually pass the response body to CommandListener
      implementations, per the interface contract.
      * FIXED: 7047: Updated a grid timeout property that seems to have been
      overlooked in a previous cleanup.
      * Added lost quotes in JSON format (RC).
      * Removed old version of Selenium RC emulation and leaving the new one
      in place.




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