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Upgrade to HTMLCleaner 2.9



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      Release notes, see http://htmlcleaner.sourceforge.net/release.php:

      August. 25, 2014: HtmlCleaner release 2.9
      Feature 14: Added "silent mode" feature. Use --quiet to turn off output.
      Fixed Issue 124: Class cast exception
      Fixed Issue 123: Endless loop in meta tags
      Fixed Issue 121: Shuld be possible to exclude "meta" tag
      Fixed Issue 119: Tag combination causes internal loop
      Fixed Issue 117: Parsing of CSS content property incorrect
      Fixed Issue 116: Result XML different between DomSerializer and XmlSerializer
      Fixed Issue 115: Recognise and remove HTML namespaces
      Fixed Issue 114: Odd behaviour when using namespaces
      Fixed Issue 113: PATCH - limit the number of times identical tags can be copied forward
      Fixed Issue 112: HTML5 tags missing from DefaultTagProvider
      Fixed Issue 111: STRONG in DefaultTagProvider isn't used correctly when constructing CLOSE_BEFORE_COPY_INSIDE_TAGS
      Fixed Issue 103: Attributes of HTML element are stripped under some circumstances
      Applied Patch 16: Patch for deserializing entities when reading HTML
      Thanks to Alexey Lukashev and Shaun Kalley for patches used in this release.
      There is a known issue with DomSerializer and HTML5 documents: see Issue 108

      Note that some of these are issues we raised (like "Fixed Issue 103: Attributes of HTML element are stripped under some circumstances").




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