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Upgrade to Tika 1.8



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      Release 1.8 - 4/13/2015
        * Fix null pointer when processing ODT footer styles (TIKA-1600).
        * Upgrade to com.drewnoakes' metadata-extractor to 2.0 and
          add parser for webp metadata (TIKA-1594).
        * Duration extracted from MP3s with no ID3 tags (TIKA-1589).
        * Upgraded to PDFBox 1.8.9 (TIKA-1575).
        * Tika now supports the IsaTab data standard for bioinformatics
          both in terms of MIME identification and in terms of parsing
        * Tika server can now enable CORS requests with the command line
          "--cors" or "-C" option (TIKA-1586).
        * Update jhighlight dependency to avoid using LGPL license. Thank
          @kkrugler for his great contribution (TIKA-1581).
        * Updated HDF and NetCDF parsers to output file version in 
          metadata (TIKA-1578 and TIKA-1579).
        * Upgraded to POI 3.12-beta1 (TIKA-1531).
        * Added tika-batch module for directory to directory batch
          processing.  This is a new, experimental capability, and the API will 
          likely change in future releases (TIKA-1330).
        * Translator.translate() Exceptions are now restricted to
          TikaException and IOException (TIKA-1416).
        * Tika now supports MIME detection for Microsoft Extended 
          Makefiles (EMF) (TIKA-1554).
        * Tika has improved delineation in XML and HTML MIME detection
        * Upgraded the Drew Noakes metadata-extractor to version 2.7.2
        * Added basic style support for ODF documents, contributed by
          Axel Dörfler (TIKA-1063).
        * Move Tika server resources and writers to separate
          org.apache.tika.server.resource and writer packages (TIKA-1564).
        * Upgrade UCAR dependencies to 4.5.5 (TIKA-1571).
        * Fix Paths in Tika server welcome page (TIKA-1567).
        * Fixed infinite recursion while parsing some PDFs (TIKA-1038).
        * XHTMLContentHandler now properly passes along body attributes,
          contributed by Markus Jelsma (TIKA-995).
        * TikaCLI option --compare-file-magic to report mime types known to
          the file(1) tool but not known / fully known to Tika.
        * MediaTypeRegistry support for returning known child types.
        * Support for excluding (blacklisting) certain Parsers from being
          used by DefaultParser via the Tika Config file, using the new
          parser-exclude tag (TIKA-1558).
        * Detect Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) Directory
          Interchange Format (DIF) files (TIKA-1561).
        * Tika's JAX-RS server can now return stacktraces for
          parse exceptions (TIKA-1323).
        * Added MockParser for testing handling of exceptions, errors
          and hangs in code that uses parsers (TIKA-1553).
        * The ForkParser service removed from Activator. Rollback of (TIKA-1354).
        * Increased the speed of language identification by 
          a factor of two -- contributed by Toke Eskildsen (TIKA-1549).
        * Added parser for Sqlite3 db files. BEWARE: the org.xerial 
          dependency includes native libs. Some users may need to 
          exclude this dependency or configure it specially for 
          their environment (TIKA-1511).
        * Use POST instead of PUT for tika-server form methods
        * A basic wrapper around the UNIX file command was 
          added to extract Strings. In addition a parse to 
          handle Strings parsing from octet-streams using Latin1
          charsets as added (TIKA-1541, TIKA-1483).
        * Add test files and detection mechanism for Gridded
          Binary (GRIB) files (TIKA-1539).
        * The RAR parser was updated to handle Chinese characters 
          using the functionality provided by allowing encoding to
          be used within ZipArchiveInputStream (TIKA-936).
        * Fix out of memory error in surefire plugin (TIKA-1537).
        * Build a parser to extract data from GRIB formats (TIKA-1423).
        * Upgrade to Commons Compress 1.9 (TIKA-1534).
        * Include media duration in metadata parsed by MP4Parser (TIKA-1530).
        * Support password protected 7zip files (using a PasswordProvider,
          in keeping with the other password supporting formats) (TIKA-1521).
        * Password protected Zip files should not trigger an exception (TIKA-1028).




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