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Upgrade to HTMLCleaner 2.16



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      See http://htmlcleaner.sourceforge.net/release.php

      December. 2, 2015: HtmlCleaner release 2.16
          Bug fix 157 Infinite loop occur
          Bug fix 156 style element should not always be moved to head in HTML5
          Bug fix 155 Memory and resource blowup on particular documents
          Bug fix 154 single quote character must not get serialized as "& a p o s;" by html serializers
          Bug fix 153 NullPointerException when DOCTYPE doesn't contain a qualifiedName
          Bug fix 130 Apply recognizeUnicodeChars property when cleaning
          Bug fix 118 HTML always translating special entities
       October. 1, 2015: HtmlCleaner release 2.15
          New Feature FR20 Added useCdataFor parameter
          Bug Fix 152 Destruction of Unicode characters above 65535
       August. 24, 2015: HtmlCleaner release 2.14
          149 StackOverflowError
          148 Giving mixed-case filenames doesn't work on case-sensitive filesystems
          147 Correction of ul structure
          146 2.13 does not correct table structure
          144 schema.org elements such as meta and link are removed
          140 CRITICAL: endless loop in some tags (ref #129, #126)
          139 option tag displayed after optgroup
          136 ClassCastException
      Note also that the cleaning algorithm is once again tweaked - this should align better with current browsers than the previous release, but in some cases means we're being slightly more lenient than the W3 spec.
       July. 1, 2015: HtmlCleaner release 2.13
          Fixed issue 129 Defining required parent for
          element causes out-of-memory error
          Fixed issue 126 Infinite loop on HTML parsing
          Fixed issue 138 label tags are removed (fatalTag problem 2)
          Fixed issue 141 OutOfMemory error
      Note that the ordering of processes within the main cleaning algorithm is altered in this release; this avoids the potential for infinite loops, but some types of cleaning that were successful before may have different results - YMMV. Suggestions for improving the core engine are very welcome!
      May. 15, 2015: HtmlCleaner release 2.12
          Fixed issue 137 Options tags are removed inside select
      May. 12, 2015: HtmlCleaner release 2.11
          Feature 19: Support use of stdin and stdout for pipes on command line
          Feature 10: Make OSGI-compatible bundle
          Feature 15: Improved HTML5 support
          Fixed issue 135: Some pages cause two different NullPointerExceptions
          Fixed issue 134: Some pages cause IndexOutOfBoundsException
          Fixed issue 133: Some pages cause NullPointerException
          Fixed issue 132: ClassCastException: ArrayList cannot be cast to org.htmlcleaner.BaseToken

      Among other things one interesting things is "Improved HTML5 support".


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