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Upgrade to Jackson 2.5.4



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      See https://github.com/FasterXML/jackson-core/blob/jackson-core-2.5.4/release-notes/VERSION (from 2.3.3).

      2.5.4 (09-Jun-2015)
      No changes.
      2.5.3 (24-Apr-2015)
      #191: Longest collision chain in symbol table now exceeds maximum -- suspect a DoS attack
       (reported by Paul D)
      2.5.2 (29-Mar-2015)
      #181: Failure parsing -Infinity on buffer boundary
       (reported by brharrington@github)
      #187: Longest collision chain in symbol table exceeds maximum length routinely
        in non-malicious code
       (reported by mazzaferri@github)
      2.5.1 (06-Feb-2015)
      #178: Add `Lf2SpacesIndenter.withLinefeed` back to keep binary-compatibility with 2.4.x
       (reported by ansell@github)
      - Minor fix to alignment of null bytes in the last 4 bytes of name, in case where name
        may cross the input boundary
      2.5.0 (01-Jan-2015)
      #148: BytesToNameCanonicalizer can mishandle leading null byte(s).
       (reported by rjmac@github)
      #164: Add `JsonGenerator.Feature.IGNORE_UNKNOWN` (but support via individual
        data format modules)
      #166: Allow to configure line endings and indentation
       (contributed by Aaron D)
      #167: `JsonGenerator` not catching problem of writing field name twice in a row
      #168: Add methods in `JsonStreamContext` for keeping track of "current value"
      #169: Add `JsonPointer.head()`
       (contributed by Alex S, lordofthejars@github)
      - Added `ResolvedType.getParameterSource()` to support better resolution
       of generic types.
      - Added `JsonGenerator.writeRawValue(SerializableString)`
      - Added `JsonParser.hasExpectedStartObjectToken()` convenience method
      - Added `JsonParser.hasTokenId(id)` convenience method
      - Added `JsonParser.nextFieldName()` (no args)
      2.4.6 (not released yet)
       (reported by Derek C)
      2.4.5 (13-Jan-2015)
      No changes since 2.4.4.
      2.4.4 (24-Nov-2014)
      #157: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 200 on numbers with more than 200 digits.
       (reported by Lars P, larsp@github)
      #173: An exception is thrown for a valid JsonPointer expression
       (reported by Alex S)
      #176: `JsonPointer` should not consider "00" to be valid index
       (reported by fge@gitub)
      - Fix `JsonGenerator.setFeatureMask()` to better handle dynamic changes.
      2.4.3 (02-Oct-2014)
      #152: Exception for property names longer than 256k
       (reported by CrendKing@github)
      2.4.2 (13-Aug-2014)
      #145: NPE at BytesToNameCanonicalizer
       (reported by Shay B)
      #146: Error while parsing negative floats at the end of the input buffer
       (reported by rjmac@github)
      2.4.1 (16-Jun-2014)
      #143: Flaw in `BufferRecycler.allocByteBuffer(int,int)` that results in
       performance regression
      2.4.0 (29-May-2014)
      #121: Increase size of low-level byte[]/char[] input/output buffers
       (from 4k->8k for bytes, 2k->4k for chars)
      #127: Add `JsonGenerator.writeStartArray(int size)` for binary formats
      #138: Add support for using `char[]` as input source; optimize handling
        of `String` input as well.
      - Refactor `BufferRecycler` to eliminate helper enums




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