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Upgrade to ASM 5.0.4



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      See http://asm.ow2.org/history.html (from 4.1).

      15 May 2015: ASM 5.0.4 (svn-tag: ASM_5_0_4)
          bug fixes
              Use the pattern .<methodname><methoddesc> to specify mapInvokeDynamicMethodName remappings in SimpleRemapper.
              317555: NPE in MethodWriter.resizeInstructions().
              317548: Mistakes in API documentation of MethodVisitor and SignatureVisitor.
              317545: Asm eat linenumbers if there are several of them on one label.
              317539: TypePath not adequately supporting types w/ >10 type arguments.
              317538: AnnotationNode in ASM 5.0.3 does not handle null returned from AnnotationVisitor correctly.
              Bug fix in GeneratorAdapter.catchException.
              317534: Modernize ASM code: replace new WrapperType() by autoboxing.
              317533: MethodInsnNode.accept() doesn't call acceptAnnotations().
      21 April 2014: ASM 5.0.2 (svn-tag: ASM_5_0_2)
          bug fixes
              317135 Textifier prints bridge methods to be volatile.
              317151 Fix for 316545 is incorrect.
              317136 ASMifier 5.0.1 output references package org.objectweb.asm.attrs.
      23 March 2014: ASM 5.0.1 (svn-tag: ASM_5_0_1)
          bug fixes
              317132 ASM 5.0 do not supported JDK 1.5?
              317131 Infinite loop in InstructionAdapter.invokestatic(...).
              316691 Incorrect StackMapFrame calculations for large > 32k methods in Java 7.
              317123 ASM5.0: Class MethodNode broken?
              317127 duplicate entries in InnerClasses attribute.
      16 March 2014: ASM 5.0 (svn-tag: ASM_5_0)
          visitMethodInsn(int,String,String,String) is deprecated, and replaced with visitMethodInsn(int,String,String,String,boolean), in order to support invokespecial and invokestatic on interfaces.
          Added a getMaxStackSize method in asm.tree.analysis.Frame.
          bug fixes
              317111 source debug extension size should not be limeted to 64k
              316682 maxLocals not updated in AnalyzerAdapter constructor.
              316630 Type verification in CheckAnnotationAdapter.
              316545 ASM incorrectly merges Object[] and byte[][] in StackMapTable.
              316555 Wrong maxLocals calculation in AnalyzerAdapter.
              316553 InsnListIterator can't get previous entry after exec "remove()".
      12 October 2013: ASM 5.0 beta (svn-tag: ASM_5_0_BETA)
          Full support of Java 8 (annotation on Java types and MethodParameters attribute)
      12 October 2013: ASM 4.2 (svn-tag: ASM_4_2)
          bug fixes
              316506 ByteVector doesn't validate byteLength in putUTF8().
              Javadoc typos.
              316482 JarOptimizer removes directory entries in resulting jars.
              Don't create a new ClassWriter instance in toByteArray, in order for this code to work with subclasses.
              316416 JSRInlinerAdapter fails with IndexOutOfBoundsException.
              316403 LocalVariablesSorter incorrectly assumes it can call visitFrame() with original args.
              316373 RemappingSignatureAdapter.visitInnerClassType is broken when handling identifiers with "$" signs.
              316380 Bug in org.objectweb.asm.util.CheckClassAdapter.visitInnerClass() regarding inner class name.




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