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      Breaking backward compatibility:
          Remove access to undocumented check properties. Author: rnveach #2451
          ParameterName: new option to skip methods with Override annotation. Author: Andrei Selkin #2290
      Bug fixes:
          False negative in RequireThis check. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2240
          Checkstyle throws NumberFormatException on Japanese locale when sizes and metrics Checks are used. Author: Takahashi Eikou #2601
          EmptyLineSeparator check does not validate newlines before class and after last method. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2067
          FallThroughCheck handles finally incorrectly. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #1438
          EqualsAvoidNull check should сheck String concatenations. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #1930
          minor: remove maven-failsafe-plugin from linkcheck excludes, since link was fixed. Author: Andrei Selkin
          minor: build-helper-maven-plugin version bump to 1.10. Author: Roman Ivanov
          adjust AbbreviationAsWordInName in checkstyle_checks.xml to catch unexpected abbreviations. Author: Roman Ivanov #2639
          Fix additional issues reported by IntelliJ IDEA inspections in Checkstyle code. Author: Michal Kordas #2080
          minor: fixed improper put that should be get. Author: rnveach
          Code review of Author: Andrei Selkin #2530
          Remove drag&drop from GUI. Author: Ilja Dubinin #2608
          create HTML web page to describe how to open issues against Checkstyle. Author: Michal Kordas, Roman Ivanov #2344
          Pull #2607: Update JGit to Author: Michal Kordas #2607
          Pull #2605: Make methods private in RequireThisCheck. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2605
          Tests for validating commit message should not allow period at the end of commit message. Author: Andrei Selkin #2590
          doc: Correct xdoc/javadoc for ParameterNameCheck. Author: Andrei Selkin
          unify IT test code. Author: rnveach #2589
          minor: separated tests so one subject per file. Author: rnveach
          Deactivate 'allowSamelineSingleParameterlessAnnotation' property of AnnotationLocation in Checkstyle config. Author: Michal Kordas #2581
          Create test for checkstyle-X.X-all.jar on Travis. Author: Roman Ivanov #2516
          Pull #2586: Update slf4j-simple to 1.7.13. Author: Michal Kordas #2586
          Pull #2585: Update FindBugs Maven Plugin to 3.0.3. Author: Michal Kordas #2585
          PMD: resolve problems from DefaultPackage rule. Author: Michal Kordas #957
          minor: fixed wrong variable usage in AbstractOptionCheck. Author: rnveach
          Remove usage of System.out.println in IT resources. Author: Michal Kordas, Roman Ivanov #2541
          Unify naming of all files with IT inputs. Author: rnveach #2540
          UT to validate google/sun style xdocs. Author: rnveach #2557
          Unify naming of all files with test inputs. Author: rnveach, Roman Ivanov #2161
          spelling: fix strange japanese.. Author: Nobuyuki-Inaba
          Improve documentation for CovariantEquals check. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #1031




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