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      Release 6.14.1:
      Bug fixes:
          JavaNCSSCheck: unknown format type: numero inteiro. Author: Roman Ivanov #2728
          StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in getCheckShortName method of AuditEventDefaultFormatter. Author: Andrei Selkin #2780
          spelling: fix typo in AuditEventFormatter class name. Author: Andrei Selkin
      Release 6.14:
      Breaking backward compatibility:
          Remove parameters validation from LocalVariableName. Author: Andrei Selkin #2549
          Print name of the Check after printing violation message. Author: Andrei Selkin #2666
          WhitespaceAround should have an allowEmptyLambda parameter. Author: liscju #2603
          Add ENUM_CONSTANT_DEF support to MethodParamPad . Author: Andrei Selkin #2505
          new CatchParameterName Check: to validate names of catch-block parameters only. Author: Michal Kordas #2616
      Bug fixes:
          FinalLocalVariable false-positive in SWITCH. Author: Bhavik Patel #2405
          Typo in Javadoc tag name. Author: Baratali Izmailov #2376
          Extend parsing rule of custom Javadoc tag name. Author: Baratali Izmailov #461
          Nesting Checks in each other in config does not produce any error. Author: Roman Ivanov #2773
          RequireThis check message is not clear enough. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2239
          OneStatementPerLine: false match with try-with-resources. Author: Jon Bake #2211
          Performance issue in UnusedImportsCheck. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2631
          Remove unused message. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2756
          Create directory structure needed to store cache file. Author: Andrei Selkin #2575
          AbbreviationAsWordInName incorrectly reports constants in annotations. Author: Abram Thielke #2694
          Inconsistent violations for NeedBraces/allowSingleLineStatement. Author: liscju #2291
          ParameterNameCheck: NullPointerException over checkstyle's input file. Author: Andrei Selkin #2678
          @SuppressWarnings annotation does not suppress UncommentedMain. Author: Andrei Selkin #2646
          UncommentedMain does not rise violations if main method has varargs as parameters. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2647
          Fix 'tokens' property in JavadocStyle check. Author: Thomas Jensen #2644
          GenericWhitespace: violation on generic like '...... instanceof Type<?>;'. Author: liscju #2633
          AbbreviationAsWordInName: update message to print name that violates a format. Author: liscju #2640
          Use Nexus Staging Maven Plugin for release process. Author: Roman Ivanov #2619
          Enforce Checks of sevntu.checkstyle (released version) over Checkstyle source code. Author: Andrei Selkin #2661
          Make UT 'testNonAccessibleFile' locale independent . Author: Andrei Selkin #2749
          Refactor gui package. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2609
          Make DetectorOptions as final and immutable. Author: Andrei Selkin #2523
          Fix additional issues reported by IntelliJ IDEA inspections in Checkstyle code. Author: Roman Ivanov #2080
          conf: update guava version to 19.0. Author: Roman Ivanov
          doc: Correct regexp in configuration example for ParameterNameCheck. Author: Andrei Selkin
          doc: Add example for ParameterName into xdoc. Author: Andrei Selkin
          doc: Fix check name in CatchParameterName xdoc. Author: Andrei Selkin
          doc: Update comment in google_checks.xml. Author: Michal Kordas
          Reorganize token sets in UncommentedMain. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2671
          refactor internal tests. Author: rnveach #2625
          Update configuration for XXXXName Checks at checkstyle_checks.xml. Author: Andrei Selkin #2604
          Make validation of expected warnings in integration tests more strict. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2658
          spelling: fix typo in word 'Existing' in google_style.xml. Author: liscju
          Fix ParseTreeBuilder's variable names to be more readable. Author: Baratali Izmailov #2642




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