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Upgrade to Checkstyle 6.16.1



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      See http://checkstyle.sourceforge.net/releasenotes.html#Release_6.16.1

      Release 6.16.1
      Bug fixes:
          fix TokenTypes compatibility problems between 6.15 and 6.16. Author: rnveach #2997
          Allow JUnit ClassRule to be public. Author: Andrej Vano #2987
          FinalParameters should not warn for non-final parameters of native methods . Author: rnveach #2981
          Revert "Issue #2973: removed unused FLOAT_SUFFIX from java.g". Author: Roman Ivanov
          all rows in coerage table google_style.html shoudl have anchor. Author: rnveach #2975
          Strive for 100% line coverage for java grammar. Author: rnveach #2973
      Release 6.16
      Breaking backward compatibility:
          Move Treewalker cache to Checker. Author: Andrei Selkin #569
          Make CLI option to be able to print Javadoc tree as plain text. Author: Baratali Izmailov #652
          copy Check class to AbstractCheck class to let deprecate Check class. Author: rnveach, Roman Ivanov #2551
          Print parse tree from CLI to terminal. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2638
      Bug fixes:
          Skip type annotations from validation of ModifierOrderCheck. Author: Andrei Selkin #903
          Probable typo in com.puppycrawl.tools.checkstyle.checks.blocks.RightCurlyCheck. Author: Andrei Selkin #2762
          Indentation check reports some incorrect indentation levels on errors. Author: rnveach #2941
          6.15 complains about missing @return tag in a overridden method. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2869
          Nesting Checks in each other in config does not produce any error. Author: rnveach #2773
          Forbid multiple violation for the same line in IndentaitonCheck. Author: liscju #676
          LeftCurly not working correctly with lambdas. Author: liscju #2818
          Duplicate error message for static final field in DeclarationOrder check. Author: liscju #1048
          Translation Check: wrong support for resources with language, country, variant. Author: Andrei Selkin #2251
          Checkstyle internal exceptions lack contextual information. Author: Andrei Selkin #2285
          Changed semantics of PropertyExpander. Author: Petr Hejl #2886
          Indentation properties not applied properly to lambdas. Author: rnveach #281
          VisibilityModifier.allowPublicImmutableFields should allow public immutable fields in enums. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2887
          FinalClass is over aggressive when extending happen inside class. Author: liscju #2822
          WhitespaceAround should have an option allow double-brace initialization. Author: liscju #2838
          Exception when using method reference in lamba "Class<?>[]::new". Author: Ilja Dubinin #2729
          Wasted disk access. Author: rnveach #2103
          JavadocType doesn't report unused param tag. Author: liscju #2811
          DeclarationOrder check enforces order that is not possible. Author: Andrei Selkin #924
          Tabs are wrongly handled in Indentation check when line is wrapped. Author: rnveach #2795
          custom javadoc inline tags cause parse error. Author: rnveach #1184
          JavadocStyleCheck: String index out of range: -1. Author: rnveach #2788
          Strive for 100% line coverage for java grammar. Author: rnveach #2973
          Refactor Comments AST Test. Author: rnveach #2396
          doc: example to checkstyle's Ant configuration was added to anttask.html. Author: Roman Ivanov
          Travis: add xwiki project to regeression testing. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2938
          PMD: resolve problems from DefaultPackage rule. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy, Roman Ivanov #957
          doc: Improve javadoc of parameters of AnnotationLocationCheck.. Author: liscju
          fix java8 compilation broblems in Inputs. Author: rnveach #2904
          Create web-page with instructions: how to create Javadoc Check. Author: Baratali Izmailov #410
          PMD ExceptionAsFlowControl: Do not use exceptions as flow control to create objects in PackageObjectFactory. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #1159
          ant with failOnViolation="false" will FAIL. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2185
          Checkstyle cannot be built using JDK9 as tools.jar has been dropped . Author: Peter Wong #2905
          CS' java 8 code isn't compilable. Author: rnveach #2880
          doc: NPath documentation is extended. Author: Roman Ivanov
          Refactor gui package. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2609
          spelling: Correct spelling for fast-forward-merge.sh. Author: Thomas Paul Mann
          UTs should be launched in default locale. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2783
          Disallow usage of java.util.Stack and java.util.Vector in code. Author: Andrei Selkin #2859
      Release 6.15
          new Check: RegexpOnFilename. Author: rnveach, Roman Ivanov #2546
          SuppressionFilter: new option 'optional' to allow skip SuppressionFilter if config file does not exist. Author: liscju #1002
          Add possibility to specify a unique ID to all Regexp checks. Author: Andrei Selkin #1008
      Bug fixes:
          StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in Indentation check. Author: rnveach #2645
          AbstractJavadocCheck should process only doc comments placed before class, interface, constructor, method, or field declarations. Author: Baratali Izmailov #325
          SummaryJavadoc: false "end with a period" reports when inheritDoc is used . Author: rnveach #2805
          JavadocMethod: allowedAnnotations hides bad javadocs. Author: rnveach #2806
          FinalLocalVariable doesn't report variable when condition separates 2 assignments. Author: Bhavik Patel #2807
          Config of Google Style does not include InterfaceTypeParameterName check. Author: Andrei Selkin #2792
          Indentation on annotation parameters is wrong. Author: liscju #1349
          OneStatementPerLine check and lambda expression. Author: liscju #2688
          Gui should have a splitter bettween tree and code and prefered columns size. Author: liscju #2767
          RequireThis reports false-positive when an instance method is overloaded with a static one. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy #2539
          Add checkstyle messages to xdocs. Author: rnveach #2836
          Setup 'Circle CI' to run checkstyle-tester project on JDK sources. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy, Roman Ivanov #2815
          Enforce Checks of sevntu.checkstyle (released version) over Checkstyle source code. Author: Yasser Aziza #2661
          Use Codeship CI for testing. Author: Roman Ivanov #2727
          Refactor gui package. Author: Vladislav Lisetskiy, Roman Ivanov #2609
          doc: Add sbt-checkstyle-plugin to list of active tools. Author: Andrew Johnson




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