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Upgrade to slf4j 1.7.16 and Logback 1.1.5



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      slf4j 1.1.16

      See http://www.slf4j.org/news.html

      11th of February, 2016 - Release of SLF4J 1.7.16
      The MANIFEST.MF file in slf4j-api.jar module was missing an export statement for the org.slf4j.event package. MANIFEST.MF files in other modules were missing the mirroring import statements.
      9th of February, 2016 - Release of SLF4J 1.7.15
      In previous versions of SLF4J, if the application was already multi-threaded at the time the first SLF4J logger was created, logs made during the SLF4J initialization phase were lost. New code added in relation with SLF4J-353 fixes this problem by storing and replaying logging calls made during initialization. 

      slf4j 1.7.15 also introduce a new set of log event APIs. We need to refactor the whole logging API to use those instead of the one we introduced... Created XCOMMONS-915 for later, it's a big and dangerous work.

      Logback 1.1.4

      See http://logback.qos.ch/news.html

      February 13th, 2016, Release of version 1.1.5
      MDC values are no longer inherited by child threads.
      Child threads no longer inherit MDC values. In previous versions of logback as well as log4j 1.x, MDC values were inherited by child threads. Several users have argued convincingly that MDC inheritance by child threads was unhelpful and even dangerous. This change fixes LOGBACK-422 and LOGBACK-624
      When the FileNamePattern string for RollingFileAppender/SizeAndTimeBasedFNATP lacks a %i token, then compression for the second archive in the same period cannot occur as the target file already exists. Under those circumstances, logback leaves behind .tmp files as reported in LOGBACK-992, LOGBACK-173 and LOGBACK-920. In this release, this particular condition is detected by RollingFileAppender which will not start but alert the user instead.
      AsyncAppender is now configurable to never block. This feature was requested by Jeff Wartes in LOGBACK-898 with Jeff Wartes and Gareth Davis providing the relevant patch. 
      February 11th, 2016, Release of version 1.1.4
      Logback 1.1.4 requires SLF4J version 1.7.16 or later.
      Added event replay support as introduced recently in SLF4J. Logack-classic now requires the org.slf4j.event package available in SLF4J version 1.7.16 and later.
      Packaging data (as output in stack traces) is now disabled by default.
      In case an application throws exceptions frequently, then computing packaging data can be very costly and will cause the application to run slower. Making bad worse. To alleviate this problem, packaging data is no longer computed by default. It has to be enabled explicitly. In the absence of explicit instructions, i.e the user has not specified a converter handling exceptions, PatternLayout in logback-classic will follow the settings defining for the logging environment. If packaging data is disabled, then it add %ex as a suffix in the pattern, and if packaging data is enabled then %xEx will be added. These changes fix LOGBACK-730 and LOGBACK-966.
      Fixed a bug in TimeBasedFileNamingAndTriggeringPolicyBase causing time-based rolling policies to always rollover according to the local system time and ignore the time zone passed in the file name pattern. The issue was reported by Lukasz Sanek who also provided the the relevant fix.
      AsyncAppenderBase now restores the current thread's interrupt flag when catching an InterruptedException. The issue (LOGBACK-910) was raised by Henrik Nordvik who also provided the relevant fix.


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