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Upgrade to HSQLDB 2.2.9



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      From http://hsqldb.org/doc/2.0/changelist_2_0.txt (yeah I found it ):

      05 August 2012 - version 2.2.9
      -- code review and minor fixes
      -- improved support for use in OO and LO version 3.2 and later
      -- new simple connection pool class org.hsqldb.jdbc.JDBCPool
      2 July 2012 SVN 5017 snapshot
      -- added integrated support for large data
      -- enhanecments to Servlet and WebServer
      28 June 2012 SVN 5009 snapshot
      -- improved optimisation of queries with views and subqueries
      -- improved support for complex, nested queries
      -- improved name resolution in SQL statements in functions and triggers
      4 June 2012 SVN 4997
      -- fixed issue with server sometimes not exiting at shutdown
      -- fixed regression with recursive queries
      -- END is no longer a reserved keywords
      -- property for SQL logging is now persisted
      14 May 2012 SVN 4991
      -- fixed issues with hot backup
      -- improved name resolution with nested subqueries
      -- improved support for collations with NO PAD
      -- added support for MySQL style DATE_ADD, DATE_SUB and interval expressions
      22 April 2012 - SVN 4977
      -- fixed issue with datetime TRUNC and ROUND functions
      -- fixed issues with a number of functions
      -- fixed issue causing reduced speed and memory leak with disk based result sets
      -- fixed issues with comparison of lobs and lobs file exceeding 2GB
      -- extended batch execution to procedure calls
      26 February 2012 - SVN 4944
      -- fixed regression in DECODE function
      -- fixed issue with ROWNUM when correlated supqueries were used
      -- added support for COUNT(DISTINCT ...) with multiple arguments
      -- added support for SQL log level 1-3
      -- extended ORA syntax compatibility mode
      -- improved garbage collection of dropped MEMORY and TEXT tables
      -- improved name resolution with joined tables
      28 January 2012 - SVN 4925
      -- fixed issue with min(), max() optimisation for indexed columns
      -- fixed issue with some usages of UNNEST
      -- fixed issue with some NOT IN usage with NULL in list




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