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Upgrade to HyperSQL 2.3.0



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      Download link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/hsqldb/files/hsqldb/hsqldb_2_3/hsqldb-2.3.0.zip/download

      Since 2.2.9:

      05 July svn 5259 snapshot 52
      -- added connection property, close_result
      30 June - svn 5256 snapshot 51
      -- added INSTR function
      15 May - svn 5241 snapshot
      -- added support for backup of database as set of files BACKUP DATABASE TO <path> AS FILES
      12 April - svn 5228 snapshot
      -- added TIMESTAMP_WITH_ZONE function
      -- fixed issue with AT <time zone> use with TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
      -- fixed issue with TRIGGER with non-zero QUEUE setting
      4 April - svn 5222
      -- improved data space reuse
      -- improved optimisation of SELECT DISTINCT and GROUP BY
      -- improved MYS syntax compatibility mode to support backtick quoted identifiers
      25 March 2013 - svn 5214
      -- added support for statement timeout via java.sql.Statement and PreparedStatement
      18 March 2013 - svn 5208
      -- improved support for setting collation strength and case-sensitivity
      -- VARCHAR_IGNORECASE is no longer a type and is translated into the collation name
      10 March 2013 - svn 5203
      -- increased default max size of BLOB and CLOB to BLOB(1G) and CLOB(1G)
      -- added support for compressed and encrypted lobs
      -- improved DatabaseMetaData reporting of actual settings for null ordering
      -- improved DB2 and ORA syntax compatibility modes
      06 February 2013 - svn 5168 snapshot
      -- improved backward compatibility for use with embedded OpenOffice / LibreOffice databases
      -- fixed regression with some subquery tables used in OUTER joins
      -- fixed regression with some in MERGE statements
      04 January 2013 - svn 5139 - snapshot
      -- improved reuse of empty lob spaces
      -- fixed various minor issues 
      09 December 2012 - svn 5127
      -- added support for CONCAT_WS and UNIX_MILLIS functions
      -- added support for table spaces
      -- added SET DATABASE SQL NULLS ORDER and the property sql.nulls_order for the default sort order of nulls
      -- improved name resolution in queries within SQL routines
      -- fixed various minor issues
      01 November 2012 - svn 5103
      -- fixed issue with some correlated subqueries in where clause
      -- fixed issue with ROWNUM in inner selects
      -- fixed various minor issues
      -- improved support for DATE and TIMESTAMP subtraction without explicit INTERVAL type
      -- added support for ADD_MONTHS, LAST_DAY, MONTHS_BETWEEN and other Oracle style functions
      24 October 2012 - svn 5096 snapshot
      -- fixed various minor issues
      -- fixed issues with some disk-based TEMP tables used in multiversion transaction modes
      12 October 2012 - svn 5089 snapshot
      -- fixed issue with access to LOBs in res: databases
      -- fixed regression with some nested views
      -- added global IGNORECASE property
      10 September 2012 - svn 5071 snapshot
      -- fixed regession with the result returned after a SHUTDOWN 
      -- fixed regression with non-correlated scalar subqueries causing NPE
      -- fixed regression with FUNCTION and PROCEDURE local tables data change logging
      -- fixed regression with script file with CREATE TYPE with character types
      -- fixed issue with DECLARE CURSOR in routines using write locks and requiring MODIFIES SQL DATA
      -- fixed issue with TRUNCATE function causing NPE when used in column GENERATED ALWAYS expression
      -- fixed issue with escape in Unicode string which caused only the part before the escape to return from Scanner
      -- fixed issue with upgraded version 1.8.0 databases which did not have lob space
      -- fixed issue with logging changed password after ALTER USER ... SET PASSWORD ...
      -- improved text table source textdb.allow_full_path=true to allow absolute full paths
      -- improved sql.enforce_references=true to catch ambiguous references in ORDER BY columns
      -- improved ORA syntax compatibility mode
      -- added support for terminal DROP TABLE ... IF EXISTS for local temporary tables




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