Release Notes - XWiki Platform - Version 1.1 RC2 - HTML format


  • [XWIKI-1561] - Long line in square brackets causes stack trace
  • [XWIKI-1620] - Problem with XWikiHibernateStore.saveLinks and multi wiki
  • [XWIKI-1676] - Hyphen as %3D in URLs not converted by Firefox
  • [XWIKI-1679] - Code macros doesn't work if there are several code macros on the same page
  • [XWIKI-1688] - Viewing revisions of translations is impossible
  • [XWIKI-1690] - NullPointerException when parsing skin files
  • [XWIKI-1691] - Incorrect mimetype returned by engine.getMimeType
  • [XWIKI-1697] - Exception while trying to view differences in the history view
  • [XWIKI-1698] - Problem with reading non iso character from the database when using the XWiki MySQL WAR
  • [XWIKI-1700] - Editing pages in multilingual mode sometimes lead to unwanted creation of a translation
  • [XWIKI-1704] - Error when comparig versions after deleting a comment
  • [XWIKI-1705] - Single backslashes inside {code} block
  • [XWIKI-1707] - New diff plugin ignores some changes
  • [XWIKI-1708] - Add option to include version history when importing documents
  • [XWIKI-1710] - Error in history compared.
  • [XWIKI-1712] - Adding a property to a class does not increment the version
  • [XWIKI-1714] - Security Issue: multiwiki wiki owners can include pages from wikis they don't have rights on
  • [XWIKI-1715] - PDF export fails when offline on some pages
  • [XWIKI-1720] - ClassCastException when statistics are on
  • [XWIKI-1721] - XWiki Statistics exceptions

New Feature

  • [XWIKI-1671] - XWiki Core APIs allowing groovy or velocity scripts to refer to classes in XWiki documents attached jar files


  • [XWIKI-1684] - Add a Diaporama showing XWiki's main 10 features
  • [XWIKI-1694] - Make "xe" the default maven build profile, and rename "default" to "all"


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