Release Notes - {RETIRED} XWiki Panels Application - Version 1.1 M4 - HTML format


  • [XAPANELS-26] - Changing Class in Class Editor (Bad Default Value)
  • [XAPANELS-28] - Exclude Main.WeSearchRss from the Navigation Panel for non admin users
  • [XAPANELS-32] - HomePageUpdate references "places"

New Feature

  • [XAPANELS-27] - Add Quick Links Panel with links to common useful pages
  • [XAPANELS-31] - Add a "My Recent Modifications" Panel


  • [XAPANELS-33] - If it says Valid XHTML, then it MUST be valid XHTML.


  • [XAPANELS-30] - Remove XWiki syntax page and link the Syntax Help Panel to

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