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In-line ID macro object no longer visible



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      For us, in XWiki 12.3 and later, Id macro objects in the editor are hard to see:

      • When they are in their own paragraph, they appear as blank whitespace that only becomes somewhat visible (highlighted with an outline) on mouse-over. They can be double-clicked to open edit macro window
      • When they are in the same paragraph as other text, there is no whitespace, nothing to mouse over and click, and when placing the cursor in the spot where the macro object should be, the cursor moves to be halfway between the line the macro is on and the following line.

      Additionally, when first inserting an ID macro, you can VERY briefly see a nice clickable object with a "macro:id" label appear where the cursor was placed in the page body before the editor flashes and this visual object is gone, replaced with the behavior I described above. in 12.1 and earlier, this object would stay for us and there would be no strange text cursor behavior.

      Please see video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9_8tgCOtLk

      (If for some reason this is working as intended, I recommend adding back a clickable and visually obvious id macro object to the editor, though the cursor behavior makes it feel like a bug to me)




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