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The tour starts automatically even if the URL doesn't fully match



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      If you have a tour that targets a given page, it starts automatically even if the current URL is not fully matched: e.g. if that page is accessed with a different action (edit, export) or with a different query string (?viewer=history). What's worse is that by default the tour redirects the current page to meet the expected URL. This means for instance that you can't access the history of that page without dismissing the tour first and then going back to the URL you wanted. Same for exporting that page to PDF, in which case you can't even dismiss the tour because the page is loaded in a headless Chrome browser on the server... This is very annoying.

      I think it's better to start the tour automatically only if the current URL is fully matched. Otherwise the user will have to use the "resume" button from the bottom right corner of the page.

      Note that this will also fix TOUR-28 because with the proposed behavior the user will be redirect only if they ask for it explicitly (either by clicking on the "resume" button or by navigating the tour steps).


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