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Ignore non-significant syntax changes during comparison between versions



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      While showing comparison between two versions, showing non-significant changes of the syntax, cause the highlighting of the real wording changes to be lost.

      Here is a simple use case:
      1) Create a page with some complexe formatting with the wiki editor
      2) Tell a non technician to review the text of that page, obviously using the WYSIWYG editor (the editor for non-technician )
      3) Review the changes made in 2)

      During step 2), the changes will include both the textual change made by the user, and some reformatting of the syntax done by the parsing/serializing of the document. The latest may easily cause the highlighting of the letter/word changes to be lost in step 3), while this is exactly what you want to see in that step.

      Currently, the only workaround is to revert the changes in formatting, and compare with that resulting version. Latter if step 2) and 3) are needed again, you will have the problem again.

      I have not enough knowledge of that part to propose a solution, but IMO, the comparison should be able to ignore non-significant changes, at least like grep may ignore whitespace changes.




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