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Upgrade to GWT and GWT Maven Plugin 2.6



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      Release notes http://www.gwtproject.org/release-notes.html#Release_Notes_2_6_0 :

      Release Notes for 2.6.0
      This release includes minor updates to silence unnecessary debugging warnings. See the release notes for 2.6.0 (RC1) for the full list of features and bugs fixes included in the GWT 2.6.0 release.
      Release Notes for 2.6.0 (RC4)
      This release enabled the Super Dev Mode hook by default, updated the sample Maven POMs, included a Firefox memory leak fix for Dev Mode, and a few other minor regressions noted during release candidate testing.
      Release Notes for 2.6.0 (RC3)
      This release fixed an incompatibility with the Google Plugin for Eclipse, improved uncaught exception handling, and reverted some backwards-incompatible changes made since GWT 2.5.1.
      Release Notes for 2.6.0 (RC2)
      This release disabled the Opera permutation, added a more maintainable DOM event dispatch mechanism, and fixed a few GWT-RPC and IE11 issues raised during release candidate testing.
      Release Notes for 2.6.0 (RC1)
          Java 7 is supported and is now the default. (This can be overridden using
          -sourceLevel 6)
          GWT Development Mode will no longer be available for Chrome sometime in 2014, so we improved alternate ways of debugging. There are improvements to Super Dev Mode, asserts, console logging, and error messages.
          Internet Explorer cleanup: IE6/7 support is disabled by default in this release and will be gone in the next major release. IE10 is now a separate permutation.
      Compiler changes
          A @GwtIncompatible annotation may be used to mark classes, methods, and fields that the GWT compiler should ignore. (Any annotation with this name can be used, regardless of package.)
      Flag cleanup
      Flags have been cleaned up for consistency, but the old flags are still supported for backward compatibility.
          Arguments may be specified multiple times on the command line and the last one wins.
          Boolean flags can consistently be disabled using '-no'.
          Experimental flags consistently start with '-X' or '-Xno' to disable.
          The deprecated -out flags were removed
          Added flags for turning specific optimizations on and off.
          The -saveSource and -saveSourceOutput *dest* options may be used to write source files used by the GWT app to an output directory. (Combined with the includeSourceMapUrl config property, it is possible to set up source-level debugging outside Super Dev Mode.)
      Changes to generated JavaScript
          Catching and rethrowing a JavaScript exception no longer wraps it in a Java exception (so the console will print it correctly, etc.)
          Failed assertions stop in the browser's debugger (if open)
          Various code size improvements.
      Code Splitting
          Fragment merging is more reliable, works with soyc reports
          GWT.runAsync: passing the same class is allowed, puts the code in the same fragment
          GWT.runAsync always runs asynchronously; before it would sometimes be synchronous. (This behavior can be reverted by inheriting SynchronousFragmentLoadCallback.gwt.xml)
          The compiler.splitpoint.leftovermerge.size configuration property sets a minimum size for fragments
          AsyncProxy is deprecated
          Various bugfixes
      JavaScript Interoperability
          JavaScriptObject: added createArray(size)
          JsMixedArray: getString() fixed for nulls
          JSNI: Allow line breaks (and other whitespace) within JSNI method references
          JSNI: Don't discard unary '+' when it's used to cast to a double issue 6373, 3942
      Generator API
          PropertyOracle: removed deprecated methods
          JRawType.getImplementedMethods: fixed type parameters for inherited methods
          Fixed the stale persistentUnitCache bug issue 7794
          Various fixes to code generation 4830, 7088, 7253, 8304, 6638
      JDK Emulation
          java.lang.Class: added getSimpleName()
          ArrayList.removeRange(): fixed
          StringBuilder: added appendCodePointInt()
          StringBuffer/Builder: added reverse()
          Number subclasses:
              integer parsing accepts initial '+' (for Java 7 compatibility)
              add compare methods (for Java 7)
              fixed isFinite/isInfinite issue 8073
          java.lang.reflect.Type: added
          java.util.Objects: added (Java 7)
          java.sql.Timestamp: fixed NullPointerException in equals() issue 6992
      Core library fixes
          GWT.debugger() emits a JavaScript debugger statement
          GWT.maybeReportUncaughtException() sends an exception to the uncaught exception handler (if any)
          About: cleaned up
          ConsoleLogHandler: fixed for IE and Firefox issue 6916, issue 8040
          Stack traces fixed on iOS.
          Timer: cancel() fixed for IE6-8 issue 8101
      Browser permutation changes
          The ie6 permutation (which also handles IE 7) is now disabled by default. Support for IE6 and IE7 will be removed in the next major GWT release.
          Added the ie10 permutation. There's no fallback value, so deferred bindings and conditional CSS that explicitly checks user.agent may need to be updated. (However, note that workarounds needed for previous versions of IE may no longer be necessary.)
          UserAgent: new class to access user.agent
      Browser API changes
          Element methods that return sizes in pixels automatically convert subpixel values to int (for backward compatibility).
          All API's that used to take com.google.gwt.user.client.Element (which has long been deprecated) now take a com.google.gwt.dom.client.Element instead.
          DOM methods that take a URL now accept a SafeUri object as well.
          Node: added removeAllChildren()
          Element: added toggleClassName()
          Element.hasTagName() is now case-insensitive
          Element subclasses: added is() methods, for example DivElement.is(elem)
          user.client.DOM: deprecate old methods
          KeyCodes: many more key codes, added isArrowKey()
          HandlerRegistrations: added compose() method
          Canvas: added drawImage() overloads, wrap() method
          Animation: added isRunning()
          DOM events not known to GWT can handled using Widget.addBitlessDomHandler(). This allows third-party libraries to handle events that GWT itself doesn't know about (such as MsPointerEvents). issue 8379
      HTML generation changes
          HtmlElementBuilder: supports the <col> tag
          HtmlBuilderFactory: return types are more specific
          Builder methods that take a URL now accept SafeUri as well
      CSS changes
          @url now supports ImageResource
          user.agent values have changed (see Browser permutation changes)
      UiBinder changes
          @UiHandler works with parameterized types issue 6091
          @UiHandler works with bindery.event.shared.HandlerRegistration issue 7079
      Widget changes
          CellView: focus fix issue 8359
          DataGrid fixes: style name, scroll bars issue 8309
          DatePicker: lots of improvements.
          DialogBox: fix auto-hide memory leak
          FileUpload: fixed wrap() method issue 5055
          HtmlTable,FlexTable,Grid: fixed memory leak in IE9/IE10 issue 6938
          ListBox.setMultipleSelect undeprecated
          MenuBar: focus fix issue 3884
          RootPanel: added clear()
          SimpleCheckBox: implement HasValue
          SimplePager: added constructor to hide "first page" button
          SingleSelectionModel: fixed getSelectedSet
          SplitLayoutPanel: resizing fix issue 4755
              changed to avoid firing events twice issue 3533
              after selecting, move focus to the next field issue 8051
          Tree/TreeItem: deprecated methods removed
          ValueListBox: implement Focusable
          ValuePicker: fixed setValue() to not fire events issue 7330
          UiObject.setVisible() only adds aria-hidden for hidden objects
          Document.{get,set}ScrollLeft(): fixed RTL for Safari and IE9
          Plural rules updated for some Slavic languages
          Fixed currency formatting when the currency symbol comes last (the symbol was added twice)
          Number format constants upgraded to CLDR 21
      Editor framework
          CompositeEditor and subclasses take Editor<? super C>
          Added support for Maps issue 5524
          Added support for enums as type parameters in requests
          Added support for EntityProxyId as a request parameter
          Fixed a NullPointerException when server returns null issue 8104
      Server-side classes
          StackTraceDeobfuscator cleaned up and moved to gwt.core.server
      Developer Tools
      Developer Mode
          Starts the user's preferred browser on Linux
          Fixed primitive class references in JSNI code (e.g. @int::class)
          Reduced memory leakage
      Super Dev Mode
          Security: with 2.6 we believe it's safe to turn on the Super Dev Mode hook and leave it on in production. As an extra precaution, we recommend setting the devModeUrlWhitelistRegexp configuration property to ensure that it can only load JavaScript from localhost and your developers' machines in your own domain.
          Security: automatically disable Super Dev Mode on https pages (Another precaution, and it doesn't work anyway due to mixed-content restrictions.)
          WebAppCreator now creates Ant projects with a "superdevmode" target and Super Dev Mode enabled.
          Most sample apps have a "superdevmode" target
          GWT.log() works and prints basic stack traces
          sourceUrl comment fixed so that in a JavaScript debugger, the JavaScript source shows up as '{module}-0.js' instead of just '0.js'.
          Grey out unused Java in source code listings on the code server.
          RemoteServiceServlet: the gwt.codeserver.port parameter may be used to download serialization policies from a Super Dev Mode code server's /policies/ directory. This can be used to avoid some server recompiles when working on GWT-RPC code.
          Benchmarking and Profile support removed
          GWTTestCase reports better error messages in many cases
          GWTTestCase: always use an UTF-8 HTML page
          GWTTestCase: removed supportsAsync, addCheckpoint, clearCheckpoint, getCheckpoints
          GWTTestCase now uses its own uncaught exception handler to avoid conflicts when testing code that calls GWT.setUncaughtExceptionHandler.
      Upgraded dependencies
          HtmlUnit 2.13
          Jetty 8.1
          Servlet 3.0
          Guava 15.0
          Protobuf 2.5.0
          ASM 4.1
          JDT 3.8.3
          Closure compiler 20131014


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