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Back links not updated if a page is renamed twice



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    • 1.0 B6
    • 1.0 B5
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    • XWiki 1.0 B5, Tomcat 5.5.20, IBM JDK, Mysql 5.0, Gentoo 2006.1
    • rename document, renameDocument, backlinks


      It seems that the update backlinks functionality doesn't re-update backlinks if used twice in a row on the same document.

      I have a link to Main.a on Main.WebHome (for example), and I rename document Main.a to Main.b, the link on Main.WebHome is properly updated to point to Main.b.

      But, if I then further rename Main.b to Main.c, the link on Main.WebHome is not re-updated from Main.b to Main.c.

      However, if I edit and save Main.WebHome between the two renames, it does update the backlink the second time.

      I suspect it's because XWikiDocument.renameDocument does not save() the backlinkDocument after setContent is called (should be only onceper document, of course).

      I've created our own "rename document" gui page, which I can include if it would help, though I think it'd be overkill for this.

      Create Main.a, with a link from Main.WebHome (or wherever).

      Create Main.rename, add the following text, and save:

      Go back to Main.WebHome and reload the document (don't save!). The link is updated to Main.b.

      Go back to Main.rename, change the text to the following, and save:

      Go back to Main.WebHome and reload the document . The link is still Main.b.

      If you would have editied and saved Main.WebHome where it says "don't save!" above, it would have updated properly the second time.




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