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Upgrade to JFreechart 1.0.19



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      JFreeChart 1.0.19
      31 July 2014
      This maintenance release corrects some issues in the new JavaFX support that
      was added in the 1.0.18 release, as well as some general issues.
      Bug Fixes:
      - fixed clipping issues for combined plots in JavaFX;
      - fix a memory leak in the new JavaFX ChartCanvas class;
      - CombinedDomainXYPlot and CombinedRangeXYPlot now take into account the
        pannable flags in the subplots;
      - FastScatterPlot panning direction is corrected;
      - added rendering hints to sharpen gridlines and borders in most output formats;
      - JFreeSVG updated to version 2.0.
      In this release, we have also provided a preview of JSFreeChart, a free 2D
      chart library written in JavaScript that is conceptually similar to JFreeChart
      but runs directly in browsers.
      JFreeChart 1.0.18
      3 July 2014
      Added JavaFX support with a new ChartViewer control that supports tooltips,
      mouse clicks, panning, zooming and a context menu.  Modified LogAxis to
      support super-scripted labels, improved the tick label generation for
      NumberAxis, added a new ProbabilityAxis (patch from John St. Ledger),
      enhanced XYStepAreaRenderer to support a 'stepPoint' attribute (patch from
      Lukasz Rzeszotarski), provided configurable direction labels in
      CompassFormat (patch from Simon Legner), added methods to add data item
      objects to VectorSeries, XIntervalSeries, YIntervalSeries and
      XYIntervalSeries (for consistency with other data series objects),
      improved the TimeSeries range calculations, provided center text support
      for the RingPlot class, and updated JCommon to version 1.0.22 (this fixes
      a bug in pie label rendering).
      Bug Fixes:
      - BarRenderer3D now observes the 'visibleSeries' settings;
      - TimeSeriesCollection now takes xRange into account when calculating the
      range bounds;
      - added missing localisation for 'Save As' option on ChartPanel;
      - inverted SymbolAxis not displaying bands correctly;
      - fixed fillDomainGridBand() method in AbstractXYItemRenderer;
      - replaced ObjectList with java.util.Map to avoid bug in equals() methods.




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