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Upgrade to Tika 1.10



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      See http://www.apache.org/dist/tika/CHANGES-1.10.txt

      Release 1.10 - 8/1/2015
        * Tika Config XML can now be used to create composite detectors,
          and exclude detectors that DefaultDetector would otherwise
          have used. This brings support in-line with Parsers. (TIKA-1702)
        * Reverted to legacy sort order of parsers that was 
          mistakenly reversed in Tika 1.9 (TIKA-1689).
        * Upgrade to POI 3.13-beta1 (TIKA-1667).
        * Upgrade to PDFBox 1.8.10 (TIKA-1588).
        * MimeTypes now tries to find a registered type with and 
          without parameters (TIKA-1692).
        * Added more robust error handling for encoding detection
          of .MSG files (TIKA-1238).
        * Fixed bug in Tika's use of the Jackcess parser that 
          prevented reading of v97 Access files (TIKA-1681).
        * Upgrade xerial.org's sqlite-jdbc to NOTE: 
          as of Tika 1.9, this jar is "provided." Make sure 
          to upgrade your provided jar! (TIKA-1687).
        * Add header/footer extraction to xls (via Aeham Abushwashi)
        * Drop the source file name from the embedded file path in
          RecursiveParserWrapper's "X-TIKA:embedded_resource_path" 
        * Upgraded to Java 7 (TIKA-1536).
        * Non-standards compliant emails are now correctly detected
          as message/rfc822 (TIKA-1602).
        * Added parser for MS Access files via Jackcess. Many thanks 
          to Health Market Science, Brian O'Neill and James Ahlborn 
          for relicensing Jackcess to Apache v2! (TIKA-1601)
        * GDALParser now correctly sets "nitf" as a supported 
          MediaType (TIKA-1664).
        * Added DigestingParser to calculate digest hashes 
          and record them in metadata. Integrated with
          tika-app and tika-server (TIKA-1663).
        * Fixed ZipContainerDetector to detect all IPA files




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