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Upgrade to Tika 1.13



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      See https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/release/tika/CHANGES-1.13.txt

      Release 1.13 - 05/08/2016
        * Upgrade to PDFBox 2.0.1 (TIKA-1285/TIKA-1959).
          MAJOR CHANGES in PDFParser:
          * The classic sequential parser is no longer available.
          * Tiff files are no longer extracted by default.  See
            for optional components to process Tiff files.
          * Some truncated/corrupted files that had some content extracted
            with 1.8.x may have no content extracted in 2.0.x (see TIKA-1912).
        * The MIT-NLP Information Extraction (MITIE) Named Entity
          Recognition (NER) system is now supported in Tika
          (TIKA-1913, GitHub-108).
        * Tika now supports the use of the Yandex translation 
          service (TIKA-1943, GitHub-106).
        * Tika now uses NER to extract scientific measurements
          from text using either GROBID Quantities which uses 
          conditional random fields and NLTK which uses regular 
          expressesions (TIKA-1917, GitHub-104).
        * Fixed JournalParser to handle null responses from 
          GROBID and to log a message (TIKA-1925).
        * Refactored Language Detector into tika-landetect module,
          added default N-Gram implementation, Optimaize Lang
          Detector and MIT Text.jl implementation 
          (TIKA-1872, TIKA-1696, TIKA-1723).
        * Extract metadata from MP4 videos whether or not the
          PooledTimeSeries parser is available via Aditya Dhulipala
        * Fix NPE when trying to get embedded image identifier in
          WordParser (TIKA-1956).
        * Improvements to MIME database for detection of Scientific
          and other formats present in the TREC-DD-Polar dataset
          (TIKA-1881, GitHub-85, TIKA-1883, TIKA-1884, TIKA-1886,
        * LinkContentHandler now extracts links from script tags
          via Joseph Naegele (TIKA-1937).
        * Handle per page IOExceptions more robustly in PDFParser (TIKA-1948).
        * Upgrade commons-compress to 1.11 (TIKA-1949).
        * Add detection for embedded MSChart.Graph files (TIKA-1033).
        * Fix NPE in Sqlite parser from Nick C (TIKA-1927).
        * Fix NPE in Open Document parser from Nick C (TIKA-1916).
        * Upgrade mp4parser's isoparser to 1.1.7 (TIKA-1924 and TIKA-1931).
        * Upgrade BouncyCastle to 1.54 (TIKA-1923).
        * Upgrade Jackcess to 2.1.3 (TIKA-1922).
        * Upgrade Drew Noakes' metadata-extractor to 2.8.1 (TIKA-1921).
        * Upgrade Gson in tika-serialization to 2.6.2 (TIka-1920).
        * Upgrade commons-cli in tika-batch to 1.3.1 (TIKA-1919).
        * Add XMPMM support to PDFParser and JpegParser via Jempbox (TIKA-1894).
        * Move serialization of TikaConfig to tika-core and enable dumping
          of the config file via tika-app (TIKA-1657).
        * Tika now incorporates the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) from the
          Python community as an option for Named Entity Recognition (TIKA-1876).
        * Add support for XFA extraction via Pascal Essiembre (TIKA-1857).
        * Upgrade to sqlite-jdbc (TIKA-1861).  NOTE: this dependency
          is still <scope>provided</scope>.  You need to include this dependency
          in order to parse sqlite files.
        * Upgrade to POI 3.15-beta1 (TIKA-1895).
        * Upgrade to Jackson 2.7.1 (TIKA-1869).
        * Upgrade to Apache SIS 0.6 (TIKA-1878).
        * RichTextContentHandler moved from the Server package to Core (TIKA-1870).
        * Added ZeroSizeFileDetector to support application/x-zerovalue via
          Adesh Gupta (TIKA-1885).  
        * Addition of types information to Grobid quantities parser via 
          Can Menekse (TIKA-1965).




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