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Upgrade to Tika 1.14



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      See http://www.apache.org/dist/tika/CHANGES-1.14.txt

      Release 1.14 - 10/19/2016
        * Extract all headers from MSG/RFC822 (TIKA-2122).
        * Upgrade metadata-extractor to 2.9.1 (TIKA-2113).
        * Extract PDF DocInfo metadata into separate keys to prevent
          overwriting by XMP metadata (TIKA-2057).
        * Re-enable fileUrl for tika-server (TIKA-2081).  If you choose,
          to use this feature, beware of the security vulnerabilities!
          See: https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2015-3271
        * Add Tesseract's hOCR output format as an option, via Eric Pugh
        * Extract macros from MSOffice files (TIKA-2069).
        * Maintain passed-in mime in TXTParser (TIKA-2047).
        * Upgrade to POI.3-15 (TIKA-2013).
        * Upgrade to PDFBox 2.0.3 (TIKA-2051).
        * Fix hyperlinks with formatting in DOC and DOCX (TIKA-1255
          and TIKA-2078)
        * Tika now is integrated with the Tensorflow library from Google 
          and it can use its Inception v3 image classification model to 
          identify objects in images (TIKA-1993).
        * Parser configuration is now type-safe and parameters for parsers
          can have assigned types (TIKA-1508, TIKA-1986).
        * Prevent OOM/permanent hang on some corrupt CHM files (TIKA-2040).
        * Upgrade ICU4J charset detection components to fix multithreading
          bug (TIKA-2041).
        * Upgrade to Jackcess 2.1.4 (TIKA-2039).
        * Maintain more significant digits in cells of "General" format
          in XLS and XLSX (TIKA-2025).
        * Avoid mark/reset issues when extracting or detecting embedded resources
          in RFC822 emails (TIKA-2037).
        * Improving accuracy of Tesseract for better extraction of numeric 
          and alphanumeric text from images (TIKA-2021, TIKA-2031).
        * Improve extraction of embedded documents from PPT, PPTX and XLSX
        * Add parser for applefile (AppleSingle) (TIKA-2022).
        * Add mime types, mime magic and/or globs for:
           * Endnote Import File (TIKA-2011)
           * DJVU files (TIKA-2009)
           * MS Owner File (TIKA-2008)
           * Windows Media Metafile (TIKA-2004)
           * iCal and vCalendar (TIKA-2006)
           * MBOX (TIKA-2042)
           * Stata DTA (TIKA-2064)
        * Add configurable maximum threshold for number of events extracted
          from the XMP Media Management Schema in JempboxExtractor (TIKA-1999).
        * Integrate TesseractOCR with full page image rendering for PDFs (TIKA-1994).
        * Add mime detection via Nick C and parser for DBF files (TIKA-1513).
        * Add mime detection and parsers for MSOffice 2003 XML Word
          and Excel formats (TIKA-1958).
        * Extract hyperlinks from PPT, PPTX, XSLX (TIKA-1454).
        * Upgrade to Commons Compress 1.12 (supports progress on TIKA-1358)




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