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The priority for the creation restrictions of a template provider is not clear



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    • 8.4.3, 9.0-rc-1
    • 8.4.1
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      Right now, for a template provider, multiple items for the creation restrictions of a template can be chosen.
      The form hint says that "one of the items" will be prefilled when an item with this template will be created, but it does not say which one. Some limited experiments have shown that it's the first one typed that is used, which somewhat makes a good rule.
      However, when displaying the value of this field, the order changes compared to the order chosen when typing the value in edit mode (see the screenshots). Despite this display, for the example in the streenshots, the one that is prefilled in a creation form is "Sandbox" (so the first chosen on edit, not the first one displayed). This is a little confusing.
      Not to mention that the title of the page is displayed in view mode while, during edition, the name of the page is used (but this will need to be a separate issue).

      An improvement would be to state clearly which option is used, and then make sure we preserve the order between edit and view.


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