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Generate internal links when exporting multiple linked pages to PDF



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      Steps to reproduce on XWiki 14.10.2:

      • Go to Sandbox page and open the export modal
      • Choose the PDF format and select from the page tree all 3 child pages of Sandbox (besides the Sandbox page itself)
      • Export with PDF with default options
      • The Sandbox page has links to its child pages. Open the PDF file and click on those links.

      Expected behavior: those links should scroll the PDF down to the print page where the child pages appear.
      Actual behavior: those links are opened in the web browser, because they are external links

      I'm keeping below the original description of the issue:


      I have a problem with pdf export extensions. I want to export multiple sites in a defined space which is no problem at all.
      But it starts getting serious when I want to include links.

      The &includelinks=1 for example works fine but it only includes the direct links to the website.

      I need a possibility to change the links to the website to pdf intern links.
      Can you see a way how this could work?

      That means that I want to export for example a front page with links to other pages and export them as well and have an internal link to the pages below the front page in the pdf file .

      Thank you in advance.

      Kind regards


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