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Created menus are not visible to non-admins by default



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    • 9.5.1
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    • tested on 9.5.1 local instance with MySQL database
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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Log in as Admin (with prog rights)
      2. Click on Menu
      3. Click on Edit for an existing entry
      4. Menu Display Location - "After the Page Header"
      5. Change the Menu Visibility Scope from "Current User" to "Current Wiki"
      6. Save & View
      7. Log in with a simple user
      8. Log in as Admin and change the Scope to Global
      9. Create and access a subwiki
      10. Log in as a simple user in the subwiki

      Expected results: When Current Wiki is selected both the Admin and the simple users can see the Menu in the selected wiki. Once the Global scope is selected the Menu is visible on all subwikies also, by Admin and simple users.

      Actual results: Only the Admin can see the menu. Simple users can't see the menu on the main wiki or on subwikies.

      NOTE: Tried with "Inside a Left Panel" and "Inside a Right Panel" (added the Panel from Administration > Panels (Menu.NewMenu)) and selected Global - in a subwiki the Admin or simple user can't see the panels, even if I added the panels in Administration.
      When selecting the Current Wiki the simple user can't see any left/right panel on the main wiki.

      Tested with IE11.


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