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Upgrade to CSS4J 0.36



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      Version 0.36
       * Core:
      - NSAC: This new package contains extensions to SAC, an W3C api that was last
        updated 15 years ago. These extensions are the minimum required to parse level
        4 selectors, although other updates are included.
      - NSAC implementation: this library no longer needs an external SAC parser to
        work, although the other SAC parsers (Batik and Steadystate) can also be used.
        Code maturity level is early alpha, although it is the only parser that passes
        all the unit tests in this library. Supports level 4 selectors and level 3
        values (including calc()).
      - Add the getCapHeight(CSSComputedProperties) method to CSSCanvas.
      - Add getPageType() to DOMCSSPageRule.
      - Support level 4 color syntax for rgb/hsl colors.
      - Support for the 'rebeccapurple' color keyword (Color level 4).
      - Fix a bug where the getCssText() of a computed style may not return the 
        correct shorthand declaration text. Completes a fix that was introduced in
        0.35.1, but introduced a regression in an edge case.
      - Fix for TokenProducer.
      - Fix for processing of calc() values.
      - Fix for media query parsing.
      - Fix an edge case of at-rules.
      - Account for CSS3 units when examining box-value shorthand properties.
      - getFloatValue() in float primitive types: return the specified value, 
        regardless of its unit, if CSS_DIMENSION is requested.
      - Omit the universal selector in certain circumstances when printing selector 
      - Function values: change the getStringValue() method to return the full
        function body.
      - Small adjustments to rule collections.
      - Better handling of dimension unit types in functions.
       * Dom4j module:
      - Do not use <style> elements from non-html namespaces.
       * Java2D module:
      - Implement getCapHeight in Java2d canvas.




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