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Watchlist mail shows a diff in XWiki Syntax 1.0 when it shouldn't



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      After moving a page from platform to the main wiki on xwiki.org, I got a watchlist email showing that the doc was converted to syntax 1.0 (actually the same happened for several emails).

      We need to investigate why and whether this is fixed in the new Notifications module.

      Here's an exchange on IRC:

      let me find an example, i think I took a screenshot
      yep here: https://www.evernote.com/l/AHd5UYgc67pOI5LjXNWYuj21oYR4DZ6hQtU

      xwiki-inbox — Gmail IMAP Perso (5 817 messages, 2 546 unread) - Evernote
      actually the screnshot is not complete
      at the bottom it says
      that this doc was converetd from syntax 2.1 or 2.0 to 1.0
      found the mail "[xwiki-notifications] XWiki updates, 108 pages have been modified since 2017/09/05" and received on 6th of September
      so the bottom of this doc diff says:

      metadata.giftitle: API Reference ⇨
      metadata.gifparent: xwiki:Documentation.DevGuide.WebHome ⇨ DevGuide.WebHome
      metadata.gifsyntax: XWiki 2.1 ⇨ XWiki 1.0
      but this doc has never been converted to syntax 1.0

      API Reference (Documentation.DevGuide.API.WebHome) - XWiki.org
      Enterprise wiki for sharing knowledge
      arune_ (IRC) joined the room.

      Thomas Mortagne
      ok so nothing to do with a diff in xwiki/1.0 syntax, just a diff saying that the doc syntax is xwiki/1.0
      maybe someone deleted a version
      the watchlist cannot realy invent this content

      it wasn't just this doc and it was when I did the move from platform to the main wiki

      there were several of them in the watchlist mail

      Thomas Mortagne
      maybe the issue is the stored version in the activity stream when moving a document
      which made it diff the current version with version 1.1 or something like this
      what is in your screenshot look a lot like the 1.1 version of that document

      or bad metadata set by the copy code in the XWikiDocument ending up in activity stream listener even if the database is ok

      a pity the watchlist does not indicate the versions
      but it really seems to be the issue here
      you should create a jira issue with the details and we need to try to reproduce that

      yes I'll do now, thx


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